Can Window Tint Be Removed?

Tinted dark glass foil removal from car window.

There are many reasons to tint your car windows, especially in Las Vegas where the benefits can apply to your vehicles aesthetics, as well as your personal health by protecting you from intense UV rays. However, there are a variety of reasons you may want to remove your window tint, and you may be wondering if that is feasible. The answer is yes, you can remove window tint. This assumes you’re using a window tinting film rather than tinted glass. If you’re considering removing window tinting film, here’s what you should know.

When Should Tint Be Removed and Replaced?

When window tint starts to show signs of damage and wear, it’s probably the most obvious moment to remove and replace it. Bubbling, peeling, and discoloration are all signs of a deteriorating tint. If you’re replacing for reasons other than aesthetics, the answer may be different. Especially in places like Las Vegas, where UV rays are powerful, replacing every 5-10 years gives the best long-term UV ray protection.

Does Window Tint Last Long?

Window tint film can fade with time. It doesn’t happen in a few of years, but the length of time it lasts varies greatly depending on a few factors:

Location of the Window

Windows that are exposed to sunlight on a regular basis will deteriorate more quickly. Skylights, for example, which are exposed to the sun almost constantly, will deteriorate faster than an interior film.

Interior Vs. Exterior Tint

Interior films will endure longer than exterior films, as previously stated. This is due to the fact that exterior window films are exposed to the weather, whilst interior window films are kept in a controlled atmosphere.

Cleaning and Upkeep

Cleaning and maintenance, which is more applicable to interior window films, can reduce the life of a window film. Be careful to clean and maintain your window films as directed by the manufacturer.

How to Get Rid of Window Tint

Window tint removal should, in our opinion, be left to the pros. However, you may remove your own window tint in a variety of techniques that are similar to how the pros accomplish it. Sometimes, the film will peel away relatively easily. Use a razor blade and some soapy water to help it along. A heat gun will frequently be required.

Window Tinting Services in Your Area

Contact a local window tinting business immediately for assistance with removing and changing your window tint. Capital Tint & Customs specializes in window tint application and removal in Las Vegas! For vehicle owners in Nevada, we offer warrantied, guaranteed, and certified window tinting solutions. Contact us today!