4 Awesome Benefits of a Car Alarm System

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Car alarm systems differ mainly in which sensors they use and how the system’s brain determines what causes an alarm. Some systems also include remote power door lock control and auxiliary outputs that can be used to control things like a power trunk release.

Tilt sensors usually contain a series of mercury switches positioned at different angles. If a thief lifts the vehicle, some of these switches open, which triggers an alarm. Continue reading this blog to learn more about adding an upgraded car alarm system!


A car alarm system can prevent theft or at least make it much harder for a would-be thief to get away with your car. Most modern systems are designed to include a variety of sensors that can detect different kinds of security threats.

These sensors range from shock sensors (which can be triggered by vibration transferred through the door or trunk) to proximity sensors that can sense a sudden change in voltage that could indicate a door or trunk has been opened. Some of the more advanced systems also have a module that monitors the battery’s entire electrical circuit, looking for any drops in voltage that could indicate tampering or starting.

Depending on the severity of the threat, the alarm may simply chirp or it may go into full siren mode. A few systems even have a remote start function that lets you unlock and start your car remotely. A few also feature a smartphone interface that makes your phone the controller.


Most modern car alarm systems feature a variety of sensors that monitor the electrical system. When a sensor is activated, it signals the control module to sound a siren and illuminate your vehicle’s headlights. Depending on the model you choose, your alarm may also send a signal to your smartphone, trigger one or more of the vehicle’s internal horns, notify you via a paging system, and/or interrupt the power to certain electrical systems like the engine starter.

Despite the negative publicity, there is evidence that modern car alarms can help deter theft by scaring off thieves and/or alerting you to a potential problem. They can even prevent damage to your vehicle or its contents. Car alarms can be a reliable and cost-effective addition to your car’s security system. A good aftermarket alarm system should include at least one type of door or shock sensor, a noise-making siren, and a control unit. Adding more sensors and other features, such as vehicle control functionality and GPS tracking, can increase the value of an upgraded alarm system.


Studies have shown that car theft is on the rise in the US. That’s why many owners decide to invest in an upgraded car alarm system with sophisticated sensors, blaring sirens and remote control capabilities.

A basic door sensor adds a new element to an already-pre-wired circuit that activates the alarm when any door is opened. This is accomplished by simply allowing a current to flow through an electrical switch when the door opens. This signal is sent to the car alarm’s brain, which activates the alarm.

Motion and tilt sensors use a similar concept to shock sensors, but are less likely to register false alarms caused by your neighbor’s pet bumping against your tires or the wind hitting your convertible top. These sensors utilize a metal bead suspended beside an inductor. Any sudden pressure fluctuation causes the bead to move, which sends a signal to the brain that an intrusion may have occurred.

Depending on the system you choose, it can come with 2-way remotes and fobs that allow you to lock, unlock, trunk release or remotely start your vehicle. Some alarm systems are also able to connect with your smartphone for monitoring and notifications of possible theft in progress.


Many insurance companies offer discounts for cars that have a car alarm system installed in them. Adding an upgraded alarm system to your car will not only protect you, your family, your stereo and other valuables, but it can also help save you money in the long run.

While your basic factory or budget car alarm system may honk or flash your lights, the more advanced aftermarket car alarm systems include features that make it much harder for thieves to take your vehicle. These are things like motion sensors (which can detect movement inside your vehicle or cargo areas) and a starter kill feature that will disable the engine.

These are only a few of the many reasons to consider having an upgraded alarm system added to your car by an expert at a professional shop. A quality installer will know the exact connector/pin locations on your specific vehicle and have the experience to install the alarm for you. Plus, you’ll be supporting a local small business!

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