Choosing a type of Window Tint

Window tinting is something that’s been with us for a long time. It’s ideal for reducing solar glare, improving privacy, and generally making your ride look cool.

But it turns out that the choice of window tint isn’t as straightforward as you might think. There are a variety of different tinting products on the market, all with varying characteristics. Finding the one for you can be a challenge.

Do you want to know more about car window tinting products and which you should choose? Check out the following.


At Capital Tint, we offer four types of tinting for your vehicle. The first of these is Standard Tint, ideal for people who want a practical, affordable solution for their car.

The standard variety of tint protects the occupants of the vehicle from 99.9 percent of UV radiation from the sun, preventing skin damage and negating the need to wear sunscreen while inside the cabin. It also helps to reflect heat from direct sunlight back into the atmosphere and reduces glare for passengers.

Our standard tint by Suntek is made of several layers of specially dyed film and comes with a three-year warranty.

High Performance

High Performance tinting takes passenger protection up a notch. Just like standard tinting, it protects occupants from 99.9 percent of all incoming solar UV radiation and provides ample privacy and glare reduction.

What makes it “high performance” is its ability to block 99.9 percent of A and B-class infrared rays, too – the type that heats your vehicle when you leave it parked out in the sunshine. The film uses a combination of dyes and metals which combine to counteract approximately 54 percent of the heat of the sun, leaving the cabin feeling much cooler than an untinted vehicle.

Carbon Tint

Carbon Tint is a premium product that uses advanced materials to both protect your vehicle from the sun and your electronic devices. 

Carbon Tint uses sheets of tinting material impregnated with carbon, ceramics, and graphite. The result is a form of tinting that will never fade and offers an impressive 44 percent heat reflection. Furthermore, because the film is non-metallic, it is safe for cell phones, GPS, radio, and other onboard electronics.

Carbon XP

Carbon XP is the fourth and final type of tinting we provide. As with the other tinting products, it reflects 99.9 percent of UV and blocks 99.9 percent of incoming infrared. It also offers ample privacy for passengers and glare reduction to make driving in bright sunlight more comfortable.

The big advantage of Carbon XP is its ability to manage heat. While the Carbon Tint blocks 44 percent of income heat from the sun, Carbon XP can reflect more than 56 percent, helping to keep your vehicle as fresh as possible.

Las Vegas is a hot place. Temperatures here can often soar above 100 degrees in the summer, making it vital that you find ways of keeping your vehicle cool. Our tinting lets you do just that, reflecting the heat of the sun out into the environment again.

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