Choosing the Right Window Tint Percentage

Your car plays a significant role in your life. If you’re like the majority of Americans, you spend over 17,000 minutes every year behind the wheel! Given how frequently we use our cars, it’s unsurprising that we want them to appear their best. Car window tint in Las Vegas is an easy and convenient option to improve the appearance of your ride—while also protecting the interior and upholstery from sun damage.

Window tint percentages: benefits and options

Apart from its visual appeal, car window tinting also aids in reducing sun glare. Capital Tint and Customs’s tint is energy efficient and beneficial for increasing the privacy and security of your car. Having stated that, what percentage of window tint should you acquire for your car? There are a variety of window tint percentage options available, ranging from 5% to 90%. Consider the following factors while determining percentages of car window tint in Las Vegas:

50% and 35% Window Tint

A 50% window tint is good in blocking UV radiation and heat. It filters out half of the light, minimizing glare and strain on the eyes.

If you want to give your mobile car a trendy and smooth appearance, the optimal window tint percentage is 35%. It creates the effect of being darker without significantly impairing vision. 

20% and Below

Capital Tint and Customs’s window tint level of 20% achieves the ideal blend of seclusion and attractiveness. A car with this window tint percentage obscures the inside of the vehicle from the outside. This is true even when viewed up close. It assists in deterring casual spectators and any criminals lurking nearby. This is a source of contention for the majority of these criminals. Following that, they have no knowledge of what valuables you store in your car. Without knowing whether their work would be worthwhile, they will choose another vehicle.

The lowest amount of window tint is 5%. It is often unlawful in the majority of states because of the excessive darkness. Regardless, this amount of window tint is standard in limos.

Tips for choosing window tint percentage

Consider the following factors while determining the appropriate window tint percentage. It details the tint’s function and the applicable legislation.

Consider your reason for getting a window tint

Whether you’re looking to reduce glare from the sun or increase your privacy, your car window tint can help. The purpose for obtaining window tint helps you choose the type of film to purchase. It enables you to select the optimal proportion of window tint for your car.

Think about your car’s appearance

Tinting your car windows alters both the inside and external aspect of the vehicle. This is particularly true if you choose a high-percentage tint. Consider the appearance you desire for your vehicle to assist in determining the window tint percentage to employ.

Consider Getting Professionals to Finish the Job

Although you can tint the windows of your automobile yourself, this is not recommended. If you apply your vehicle window tint without training, the film may bubble up, giving your automobile an aged appearance—contrary to your aesthetic aims. For car window tint in Las Vegas, you should consider hiring a reputable firm like Capital Tint and Customs.

Know the window tint laws in your area

When determining the window tint percentage that is appropriate for your vehicle, it is critical to research the window tinting legislation in your location. The permitted window tint percentages vary by state.