Is Ceramic Coating Worth It?

Car detailing – Man applies nano protective coating to the car. Selective focus.

Keeping your car looking like it’s straight off the dealer’s lot may seem impossible. The wear and tear of everyday driving surely takes its toll. But, that does not mean that there aren’t solutions that you can use to keep your car in mint condition, making it not only aesthetically pleasing, but easier to take care of. Ceramic coating is one of those solutions, and it is a great tool for vehicle owners who want to add an extra layer of protection to their cars!

Ceramic Coating

Industry-grade ceramic coating is a chemical polymer solution that you put on a vehicle’s exterior to protect the paint. Generally hand applied, it adds a hydrophobic layer of protection.

While many vehicle enthusiasts and even detailers mistake ceramic coating for clear bra (paint protection film), it is actually a wax substitute. The basic goal is to keep dirt, filth, and stains off the paint and clear coat.

Ceramic coating, also known as nano-ceramic coating, is a permanent or semi-permanent solution to your problems. It does not decompose in normal atmospheric conditions such as rain or heat.

Ceramic Coating Benefits

Ceramic coatings are permanent and easier to clean once applied. Here are a few more reasons to use it in your car:

UV Ray Protection

Just like UV rays can damage our skin, they can also be very harmful to your vehicle’s paint, especially in Las Vegas. Ceramic coating prevents oxidation, fading, and dulling of your car’s paint. This is vital if you park outside.

Chemical Stain Resistance

Acidic pollutants in the air might cause chemical stains on your car. A coating prevents impurities from adhering to the surface. With the city’s air pollution rising, ceramic coating can be a tremendous help.

Water Repellant

Washing your car becomes a hassle when you also have to wax and polish it. This is not something you need to worry about with ceramic coating.

It blends in with your car’s paint and repels water. Water-based filth will bead on the surface and gradually slip off. After a fast wash, your car will be looking pristine again.

Aesthetic Improvements

Ceramic coating, like car bra, adds gloss and depth to your paint. It will give your car a shiny finish, enhancing the original paint job.

But there are still some myths and false information floating around about improved protection. Listed below are some prevalent ceramic coating myths.

False Claims About Ceramic Coating

While ceramic coating is a fantastic product that we believe every car owner should invest in, there are still some myths that surround it that we want to address.

Scratches and Swirl Marks Protection

Cars with ceramic coating will not be protected against scratches, swirl marks, or rock chips. It is still like the paint on your car. If this is something you’re worried about, you should look for paint protection films instead.

Water Spotting Protection

As previously stated, water-based pollutants will bead on your car’s surface and eventually slip off. After the water evaporates, they still contain natural minerals and soluble particles.

The water spots that arise from this require a more hands-on approach to remove.

There Is Still a Need For Car Washes

You must still wash your car regularly. A ceramic coating doesn’t make your car self-cleaning. 

Is it worth it?

As we’ve seen, ceramic coating has many advantages that add value to your car. It will make cleaning and maintaining it easier. So you may spend more time driving and enjoying your car than worrying about its safety.

A one-stop answer for all your paint woes? We’d say no. No single product on the market can fully safeguard your car. Even still, ceramic coating is one of the best automobile paint protection options available today.

The expense of ceramic coating versus annual maintenance and waxing is also a no-brainer.


Regular maintenance is the key to keeping your car looking good. If you live in Las Vegas, NV, and want to learn more about the wonders of ceramic coating and the value it adds to your car, contact us today.