Is it time to replace your window tint?

Air bubbles on window film of a car

Having some privacy and being comfortable in your car is often an experience that we all want. Windows that are tinted in cars usually block out UV rays, making the vehicle feel cooler. Is it time to replace your window tint? At Capital Tint and Customs, we do window tinting in Las Vegas, and we can help you get your windows tinted on your vehicle. In the meantime, look for the signs below to determine if you need to replace your window tint.


Window tints give you some form of privacy. But if the color is fading, it means it’s time to consider replacing the tint. Typically, it will have discoloration. What causes this? Prolonged exposure from the sun and, as you well know in Nevada, it is typically hot and dry here. Cheaper tints fade quicker than premium tints, so if you want to protect your interior for a long time, it’s typically worth getting the premium tint.

Car is hotter than normal

Window tint helps keep the car cool because it blocks out the UV rays. It can get hot here in Nevada, so keeping the inside of your car cool is very important. You’ll know that you need to replace your window tint if your tint film has deteriorated. But if you don’t see visual signs that your tint needs to be replaced, check your AC.


This is one of the most common signs that your window tint needs to be replaced. You can easily see bubbles when the tint deteriorates. It can also be a sign that a poor quality film was used at the time the windows were tinted. Sometimes the debris under the film wasn’t cleaned properly, which would cause bubble formation. If there was a high-quality film used, then of course check for warranty. Most companies that do window tinting in Las Vegas, such as ours, use high-quality film.

Tint is Peeling

This is another physical indicator that the window tint needs to be replaced. After a certain amount of years of being in the sun, eventually the film will wear out, aka peeling. You will usually notice the peeling at edges and corners. If you roll your window down often, sometimes you’ll even hear screeching sounds from the film, and it can make the peeling process speed up faster.

Fading of the car interior

When left in the sun for too long, eventually the interior inside the car will fade. The most common reason people get tinting for their vehicles is to block out the UV rays that penetrate through the windows. When it does, it causes damage to the seats and on hot days, some plastic fixtures may actually crack. If you have window tinting and your interior is showing signs of damage, it’s definitely time to get them replaced.

These are the most obvious signs that will signal that you need to get your window tint replaced. It’s very important to get window tinting in Las Vegas because of the desert heat we experience. If your car shows signs it needs to be replaced, contact us at 702-227-4825.