Is Maintaining a Rhino Liner Difficult?

Trucks are hardy vehicles. They can withstand impact, plow through roads in bad weather, and are equipped to carry and tow a large amount of weight.

We love our trucks and want them to last for a long time, and most of the time, they can.

What cannot last, however, is your truck’s bed.

Why You Need a Truck Bed Liner

As the truck bed is utilized, you may start to see imperfections from wear and tear. This is especially true if your truck is exposed to weather elements 24/7.

If the truck bed is allowed to break down, much of the functionality and value will be lost as well. This is why protecting your truck bed is a necessity, not a suggestion.

But what’s the best way to protect your truck bed? Easy. It’s using a bed liner, such as Rhino Lining.

Rhino Lining is a spray-on liner designed for truck beds that protects them from scratches and dents caused by loading and unloading items.

It’s durable and long-lasting, enduring over a hundred degrees in Fahrenheit as well as low temperatures below zero.

Caring for your truck bed doesn’t stop at a bed liner, however. You also have to put in a bit of work on your part. To get the most out of your truck bed and its liner, you have to care for it.

How to Maintain Your Rhino Liner

Luckily, it’s actually easy to maintain your Rhino Liner. All you have to do is clean it!

1. First, remove everything from the truck bed.

Big items include trash and recyclables, such as papers, plastics, or cardboard. Also ensure any spills or grease spots are wiped up and lifts, and there are no remnants of debris in the bed.

2. Next, water the truck bed until it’s moist in all areas. Grab your favorite car soap and start scrubbing the truck bed into a nice lather.

Use a bristle brush when scrubbing to remove dirt from any narrow nooks and cavities. This is also the best time to get rid of any stubborn oil or grease left behind on the truck bed.

3. Pressure rinse the truck bed until all soap suds are gone and the truck bed is smooth to the touch. No soap remnants.

High pressure helps to remove stubborn dirt and debris your brush may have not been able to get. So, if you don’t have a pressure washer at home, try one at a car wash.

4. Dry the liner with a few towels, and then spray on a cleaner designed for vinyl and hard plastic.

Use good quality tire or vinyl cleaners with UV protection. Alternatively, you could go for Rhino Shine which lasts for six months and brightens your Rhino Liner.

5. Rinse the truck bed one more time.

Installing a New Rhino Liner

So, you’ve cleaned, maintained, and repaired your liner the best you could, but like most things, it’s going to need to be replaced one day.

For those in the Las Vegas and Henderson areas, Capital Tint and Customs can professionally install a brand-new Rhino Lining to your truck in as little as a few hours.

They can also repair imperfections or damaged lining in a seamless finish.

Whether you’re using your truck for furniture and equipment transport or groceries, protecting the truck bed should be your first priority. Investing in a quality truck bed liner now will save you time, money, and the value of your vehicle down the road.

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