Paint Job or Vinyl Wrap?

paint job

Is there a benefit to vinyl wrapping your car as opposed to painting it? “Of course” is the response. Vehicle wrapping has many wonderful advantages! To get started in the world of auto wraps, you can choose to do a full wrap or select to do roofs, hoods, chrome trim blackouts, and other highlights. Prices start at around $300 depending on the shop. There are other benefits that paint cannot compare to, in addition to the substantially reduced cost. When looking for a deal, paint quality can vary greatly. Cheaper paints could first seem wonderful, but after a few years, wear and tear will require a new paint job. Vinyl coverings that have been expertly put in can give your car a magnificent finish that will be admired for years.


Professionally applied films with the best materials will typically cost less than a paint job of comparable quality and have a 4–10 year vinyl life expectancy.

The vehicle’s resale value will remain unaffected if the original paint from the manufacturer is maintained. Your potential customers might not favor your company’s colors or your personal taste if they are an exotic shade. The market value of your car will be maintained if you choose to keep it in its original factory color.

No End to the Possibilities

When you purchased your vehicle, you might have desired something different or a color that wasn’t offered in factory paint. You can achieve all of your automobile goals with vinyl covers. You will be able to drive a complete one-of-a-kind vehicle that perfectly captures your personality. After a few years, simply get it removed and pick a new color if you wish to update it.


You can be without a vehicle for up to two weeks or longer if you decide to paint your car. When it comes to vehicle wrapping, we can have it entirely transformed and ready for pick up in a matter of days.


Every square inch of your car is covered in vinyl, shielding the factory paint from environmental hazards, aging, and damage from excessive sun exposure. The vinyl used for vehicle wraps is a durable, 4-millimeter-thick layer that serves as protection. There is no longer a possibility of natural hazards like stone shards or abrasion.

Simple to maintain

Are you growing sick of constantly waxing your car? Enjoy your freedom from waxing requirements in the future! Vehicle wraps are quite simple to keep clean and may be revived by hand washing them in soapy water. Ask your local installer about specific fast detail sprays and ceramic coating packages to make the film even simpler to maintain.

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High-quality vinyl provides a durable product that can be securely removed. You may maximize the benefits of your wrap by keeping your car in the garage. Between 4 and 10 years, the wrap can be safely removed without damaging your current paint. If you reside in Las Vegas, Nevada, get in touch with us right away to arrange a consultation!