Professional Window Tint Removal

Tinting your vehicle is a great way to enhance privacy and security. Tints help reduce interior heat and prevent the vehicle upholstery from fading due to harsh sunlight. Some types of tints even protect from UV rays. Tinting also serves an aesthetic purpose. It makes the car look cool, sleek, and sophisticated.

Even so, sometimes, people may want to have their tints removed for any number of reasons. Removal of window tints, like application, is a delicate process that requires an experienced, skilled hand. However, many make the mistake of thinking they can remove the tints themselves.

This can lead to unforeseen problems.

Why Do People Have Their Tints Removed?

  • Difficulty while driving – some tints can be too dark and obscure visibility, especially at night or in the rain. The motor vehicle operator may choose to remove the tints to improve their driving experience in such a case.
  • Laws- some jurisdictions have laws governing how dark a vehicle’s tints can be. If tints are too dark, it can lead to issues with law enforcement, such as frequent traffic stops, tickets, and fines. Total window tint removal is the easiest way to solve this problem.
  • Aesthetic reasons -if you installed poor quality tints on your windows, they will crack, flake, and peel off when exposed to the elements. It can make the car look pretty shabby.

Why You Should Let Professionals Remove Your Tints

Window tint removal is not easy as it usually consists of two layers. You may succeed in removing the first laminate layer as it peels off quickly, but not the second layer. Most people who do self-removal jobs may not even notice that the second layer of tints is intact.

When a self-remover attempts to peel off this second layer of laminate, they damage the window by scratching or cracking its surface. The result is an abysmal tint removal job with lots of tears, flaking, and stuck patches.

In the end, the vehicle looks worse than it was before. DIY tint removal also leads to:

Disabled Defrosters

Amateurs end up cutting defroster lines in the surface of the window, which disables this feature. This can be dangerous. Frost and condensation collect on the window, which hampers visibility while driving.

Damaged Radio Antennae

Wiring for radio antennas which are located near defroster lines. An inexperienced person is likely to cut the wires and disable the vehicle’s antennae.

Always look for experienced technicians who have the knowledge and expertise to do a window tint removal job. They come equipped with the proper tools and chemicals needed for the process. You won’t have to worry about ugly windows or damaged wiring.

Hire The Experts

A car is a personal and valuable asset, as much an extension of us as our clothes or homes. Capital Tint and Customs will have your tints removed in a timely and professional manner. Please don’t fall into the trap of removing the tints yourself, thinking it will save you some money.

That DIY job might end up causing damage that will cost a lot more to repair.