Pros and Cons for Smoked Tail lights

Smoked tail lights are tail lights that have dark-tinted lenses rather than either red lenses or clear lenses. As such, they can provide a vehicle with a new look that can be very appealing to a lot of interested individuals out there. Unfortunately, there are both pros and cons to having smoked tail lights, meaning that it is best to look into the issue before proceeding further.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Smoked Tail Lights?

Here are some of the pros:


The main reason that people get smoked tail lights is style. Essentially, they think that said feature will make their vehicle look good, which in turn, will make them look good. To be fair, smoked tail lights can provide a vehicle with a sense of mystery. Something that can work out very well when used in combination with other suitable features.


Besides style, it is worth mentioning that tinting the tail lights is a chance to restore the tail lights. This is important because said feature is exposed to the elements as well as UV radiation on a regular basis, which can cause some serious wear and tear. Tinting is a chance to remove the signs of that exposure. Moreover, it is a chance to put on some protective film as well, which should extend their useful lifespan longer than otherwise possible.

Culture Signaling

A lot of the things that we use say important things about who we are to the rest of the world. Perhaps unsurprisingly, tinted tail lights can be used for this particular purpose, which might interest some people out there.

For comparison, here are some of the cons:


As mentioned earlier, style is the main benefit of having smoked tail lights. Unfortunately, style is one of those things that can backfire very easily. Simply put, if someone gets smoked tail lights even if the rest of their vehicle isn’t well-suited for them, there is a very real chance that their vehicle will look ridiculous.


Tinting has a huge effect on the lighting provided by tail lights. This has a huge effect on whether other people can see the vehicle or not when visibility is low, meaning that careless tinting can increases the chances of a car accident. Naturally, this means that a lot of jurisdictions have rules about what interested individuals can and can’t have when it comes to tinted tail lights, which can mean serious legal penalties for those who violate them.

Further Considerations

Careless tinting can lead to a less than impressive looking vehicle. Even worse, it can break the law, thus getting interested individuals into serious trouble. As such, if people want to get smoked tail lights in Las Vegas, they should seek out a reliable and reputable professional such as Capital Mobile Tint so that they can be sure of getting something that looks good while still being street-legal.

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