Should I Have My Car Detailed During the Winter Months

 With each season comes different weather conditions. These conditions affect our cars in different ways, and winter is no exception. Many owners, however, are unaware of the damage that this season causes their cars. Auto detailing in Henderson, NV during winter is more than just about keeping your car looking its best. It is about protecting your car from the safety risks that come from the winter wear and tear.

Why should you have your car detailed during winter?

Protect the paint

Your car’s paint protects the underlying metal from weather elements and road grime. Keeping the paint intact helps ensure the body of your car is not exposed to corrosive properties that you may encounter during winter while on the roads. Professional detailing experts use spray sealants and wax to refortify the wax.

Protect your leather upholstery

Cool, dry air draws moisture from leather. Treating the upholstery prior to and during the onset of low temperatures not only keeps the surface looking good but also provides moisture to the hide. The presence of UV rays during winter also causes the degrading and fading of the material. It also makes the paint on your car to crack, chip or blister. A protective layer is therefore vital to protect your car from the winter sun.

Take care of your wheels.

Just as there are protective waxes for car windows and paint, there is specialized wax for car wheels during the winter. Protective tire wax repels road elements and prevents brake dust adhesion. Some are nano-based ceramic glass coatings that secure the wheel throughout the winter season.

Safer on the roads

Road safety is a number one priority for any driver. It is important to feel safe when driving yourself and others on a regular basis. Part of the detailing focuses on the car lights. Clean lights ensure you can clearly see and be seen, while gunk and dirt make it difficult to see. Proper detailing ensures you enjoy driving with perfectly clean windows that also repel water, providing clearer vision.

Maintain your investment

Your car is more than just a means of transport, it is an asset and an investment. With every mile and every year, all cars depreciate in value. However, taking the right steps to maintain your car ensures you retain high prospects when you intend to sell it in the future. A well-maintained car is worth much more than one that hasn’t been detailed, especially during the winter for years.

Safeguard your health and those of your loved ones.

Due to the combination of cold air, wind, and interior dry air, we are more susceptible to infections. Coupled with irregular cleaning, nasty germs and allergens are bound to infest your vehicle, causing serious infections to you and your loved ones. Regular cleaning is vital for good hygiene.

In a nutshell, car detailing not only adds value during the winter but also throughout the life of your car. At Capital Mobile Tint, we are your premier car experts in Las Vegas. With over 15 years of experience, we have helped our customers keep their cars running at top-notch performance while looking sleek. Call us today for more about our services.

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