Smoked Tail Lights Can Be Worthwhile When Used Correctly

Car tinting is one way of creating a custom look for your automobile, with smoked tail lights being one option at your disposal. These lights involve applying tint on the rear lights of your car, and you could choose transparent vinyl from the different colors and shades available. It’s an ideal yet simple, fast, and cheap way of complimenting the general aesthetics of your ride. Let’s explore some pros and cons of incorporating smoked tail lights on your car.

The Pros

Improved appearance

The main benefit of smoked tail lights is that it’s a simple and cheap way of achieving a sporty and spicy look on your ride. Depending on the color and film option you choose, you can easily achieve an original feminine look by choosing feminine colors such as pink, yellow, or soft shades of purple on your car or an aggressive masculine feel if you go for dark gray or black vinyl film. The color choice you choose can also be a good indicator and communicator of your attitude and dependence on a particular cultural group.

Maintain Your Rear Lights

Application of film on the rear lights of your car is also an ideal way of keeping them looking good and new. Car lights tend to wear out quickly and, in many cases, become dull, yellow, and attractive due to dust and UV rays from the sun. By applying the vinyl tint film on the tail lights, you’ll protect them, prevent damage, and preserve their original visibility.

Enhanced Visibility

In some cases, smoking tail lights may improve the visibility as you drive. Choosing a bright light such as yellow can generally improve visibility, especially during bad weather. If you’re looking to preserve the original visibility of your tail lights, you can opt for the clear vinyl film.

What About Cons?

The Wrong Shade Could Reduce Visibility

Dark-themed smoked tail lights may seem cool but can generally reduce the amount of light coming out of your car’s rear lights. Smoked tail lights with lower than normal lighting may not indicate to other drivers if you’re turning or braking. That is pretty dangerous as it makes your car less visible at the rear and can result in unnecessary traffic collisions. Note that darker than normal smoked tail lights may be illegal in your state and can land you into trouble with traffic law enforcement. It’s wise to check with your local law enforcement before considering applying vinyl film on your lights.

Poor Quality Film May Reduce Aesthetics

If you make the wrong choice on the vinyl film for your smoked tail lights, the result can be a reduced appeal or aesthetics of your car. Besides, you’ll end up with the complete opposite of what you want to achieve. You can avoid that by consulting with a vehicle tinting specialist for guidance on style and taste before making your choice. Ensure that you get help from professionals to achieve the best outcome.

Contact Capital Tint & Customs

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