Understanding the Different Window Tinting Shades for Your Car

 There are so many options in window tinting nowadays that you’ve probably wondered about the different shades that are available. When it comes to window tinting options for your vehicle, shade isn’t just about the level of protection from the sun. VLT refers to how much visible light is allowed through the tint, and the properties that car tints have allow VLT levels to be adjusted along with the color. Even windows that are virtually clear can filter out a good amount of sunlight and heat. This is why choosing a tinting shade is usually more about how your tinting looks.

Available Shades of Tinted Films for Automobiles

Most tinted films will come in five different shades

  • dark
  • midnight
  • medium
  • light
  • very light

Why People Choose Darker Shades

If you want the maximum levels of protection plus love the sleek, custom look of dark tinted windows, you will probably want to go with a shade like dark or midnight. Most people ask that their windows be tinted as “dark” as the law allows, and state laws do determine the legal VLT percentages. The choice between dark and midnight isn’t only about darkness, though–it’s about the color. Either shade will dramatically transform the appearance of your ride.

What About Medium Shades?

Although dark tinting is popular, sometimes a middle-of-the-road option works best for the look you are trying to achieve. Medium shades can offer similar levels of protection to darker ones and look perfect on any vehicle. If you want your tinted windows to stand out, but you aren’t absolutely sure about dark tinting, a medium shade is the ideal choice.

Why You May Prefer a Lighter Shade

Some people want the benefits of tinted windows, but they also want their car to look as close as possible to “factory original.” Not only that, but a lighter shade will give the vehicle a subtle and distinctive look. Of course, it’s easier to see out of tinted windows than it is to see in, but if you have poor eyesight, having better visibility around you is another reason to opt for a light shade of tint.

Stop Throwing Shade on Those Lighter Tinting Shades

Shade is not only about privacy and sun protection; it’s also a cosmetic issue and a matter of personal taste. When choosing the perfect tinting shade for your car or truck, it’s mainly about how you want your ride to look, because they all offer a certain degree of light and heat filtration. Lighter shades of tint have become increasingly popular in recent years. Believe it or not, almost all shades of tint will block out 99% of UV rays.

Choose a window tint that offers the protection you need while reflecting your own personal style. That having been said, achieving the coolest possible temperatures in your vehicle might be your highest priority, depending on where you live. If keeping yourself and your car’s interior cool is your main concern, be sure to choose from shade options that offer the maximum levels of protection. The cooling factor is particularly important in places like Henderson and Las Vegas, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the number of shade options that will provide optimum heat protection. Contact us for more information about window tinting shades.

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