Vinyl Wrap Or A Paint Job?

Male car wrapper hands installs protective vinyl foil or film on vehicle door. Worker makes auto detailing. Automobile paint protection, professional tuning

Is there any reason to apply a vinyl wrap to your car instead of painting it? The answer is: Of course! Vehicle wraps offer many great benefits! You can opt for a full wrap, or choose to do roofs, hoods, chrome trim blackouts, and other highlights to get started in the world of auto wraps, with prices starting at around $300 depending on the shop. Along with the significantly lower cost comes a slew of advantages that paint simply cannot match. Paint quality varies, especially when searching for a bargain. Cheaper paints may seem amazing at first, but after a few years, wear and tear will cause the paint job to need to be redone. Professionally installed vinyl wraps will give your vehicle a stunning finish that will be admired for years.


Professionally placed films with the finest quality materials will generally be cheaper than a similar quality paint job and have a 4-10 year vinyl life expectancy.

Maintaining the manufacturer’s original paint will keep the resale value of the vehicle intact. If your company’s colors or personal preference is an exotic hue, it may not be the color of choice for your potential buyers. Having the choice to keep your vehicle’s original factory color will preserve its market value.

Unlimited Possibilities

You may have wanted something different or a color that isn’t available in factory paint when you bought your vehicle. Vinyl wraps will let you realize all of your automotive ambitions. You will be able to have a totally unique car that reflects your personality. If you want to change it up after a few years, just have it removed and choose a new color! 


When you choose to paint your car, you are may find yourself without transportation for up to two weeks or more. When it comes to vehicle wrapping, we can have your automobile completely changed and available to pick up in days.


Vinyl covers every inch of your car, protecting the factory paint from all sorts of natural risks and aging while also ensuring that it is not harmed by prolonged sun exposure. Vehicle wrap vinyl is a tough 4 millimeter thick sheet that acts as a protection. Stone chips, abrasion, and other natural risks are no longer an issue!

Easy Maintenance

Are you getting tired of waxing your car all the time? Enjoy the freedom of never needing to wax again! Vehicle wraps are extremely easy to maintain and can be hand washed with soap and water to bring them back to life. To make the film even easier to maintain, ask your local installer about specialized rapid detail sprays and ceramic coating packages.

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High-quality vinyl offer a long-lasting product that can also be removed safely. Maintaining your vehicle in the garage will allow you to get the most out of your wrap. The wrap can be securely removed between 4 and 10 years and will not harm your current paint. If you live in Las Vegas, Nevada, contact us to schedule an appointment today!