What are Rhino Linings?

Front-side view of pick-up truck isolated on white background

Your vehicle is a valuable investment. When it comes to safeguarding your investment, you and your vehicle deserve nothing less than the best. Rhino Lining spray-on bed liners are guaranteed to protect and preserve your truck bed. Fortunately for you, Capital Tint and Customs specializes in Rhino Linings in Las Vegas.

Capital Tint and Customs can give your vehicle the protection it deserves with a Rhino Linings spray-on bed liner. Not only is a real Rhino Lining tough by nature, but also by design, and it outperforms any other sort of liner available. It enables your car to operate in the manner in which it was designed to operate.

Rhino Linings continues to be the market leader in spray-on bed liners. Expertly trained applicators at Capital Tint and Customs ensure that superior solutions are applied appropriately to provide the finest protection possible for your car. The procedure is carried out in three stages, namely preparation, spraying, and finishing. It takes between two and four hours from start to finish, and your vehicle is ready to drive the following day.

The Benefits of Using Rhino Linings on Your Car

Rhino Lining is Waterproof, sturdy, adaptable, stylish, and changeable. This is just what car owners require to prevent the slush and trash generated by winter weather from wreaking havoc on the inside of their vehicles. This lining will protect the car’s carpeting, prevent the vehicle from developing an unpleasant musty stench, and also assist retain the vehicle’s value. Few people would spend a substantial sum of money for a vehicle with slush stained, odorous floor mats and carpeting. Additionally, few car owners appreciate driving vehicles that have been damaged in this manner.

Easy to Use

Rhino Linings have the advantage of being simple to use. It’s also customisable, ensuring a great fit every time. It’s also simple to take out, clean, and replace. To keep it looking good, all you need is a rag and some soap and water. During the winter months, when children, adults, and pets enter your vehicle dripping buckets of slush and mud from their boots, umbrellas, and clothing, the linings can make all the difference. By just having the lining fitted in your automobile, you may protect your carpets and mats while also extending the life of your vehicle’s flooring.

The Cost of Applying Rhino Linings

Each Rhino Linings retail location is owned and operated individually, and each retail applicator is allowed to determine prices at fair market value. You may receive an estimate for your specific application from Capital Tint and Customs . The cost varies depending on the truck bed’s size and length, as well as the type of application.