What are some Window Tint Options?


Benefits of Window Tint

Do you live in a climate that experiences a lot of annual sunshine, and your parked vehicle is outdoors during the day? Being directly exposed to the sun’s rays? Then you should consider getting window tints. They help reduce the sun’s glare on your windshield, blocking out the harmful ultraviolet rays. The three main benefits are:

  • Reducing the fading of your seat upholstery, or cracks if the upholstery is leather
  • Preventing a hot car interior
  • Reducing theft and improving vehicle security. It helps keep any valuables hidden and makes the glass harder to break.

So when considering options for mobile tint near meget in contact with the window tint specialists in Las Vegas, Capital Tint and Customs. Our team of professionals who have been in business since 2004 will be happy to give you a cost-effective quote. As well as answer any questions you have.

So what are the different types of window tints? And how do you go about picking the one that suits your needs?

The Different Types

Mobile tint near me consists of four types. Their materials and effectiveness are as follows:

  1. Carbon Window Films – These films’ carbon content can prevent about 40% of the infrared light from penetrating the car window. Allowing it to effectively cool the vehicle interior and prevent upholstery fade. Cell phone signals or radio transmissions are not affected and pass easily through.
  2. Ceramic Films – The most expensive option, but offering the highest quality. They offer the best prevention against ultraviolet rays entering the car, keep the interior cool and reduce glare. They also don’t fade and radio signals can easily pass through.
  3. Dyed Window Film – The most budget-conscious window tint available, meaning it has limited functions. The dye in the film helps block and absorb the sun’s rays. Yet, the dye will fade over time and need replacing. And the heat reduction levels tend to be low, meaning the car’s interior may still feel warm if parked in the sun for long periods.
  4. Metallized Window Film – The film’s metallic content strengthens the car window glass, offering improved interior privacy and car safety. Aswell as reducing glare and reducing the build-up of heat in the car’s interior. It’s very durable and is scratch-resistant. Just keep in mind, its metallic components tend to reduce cell phone and radio reception and GPS transmission.

How to Choose

When choosing the best option for mobile tint near me, consider the following:

  • Where is the vehicle parked during the daylight hours, both while you are at home or at the office?
  • What are my state’s laws regarding mobile window tints?
  • How much access do I need to cell phone signal, radio reception, or GPS transmission while I am operating the car?
  • Your skin sensitivity and the need to protect your skin. Against the glare and deadly effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Our professional team at Capital Tint and Customs will help answer all your questions and help you pick the best mobile window tints for your vehicle.

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