What is Car Tint?

Car tinting simply refers to the application of a thin laminate film to the windows of a vehicle in order to darken its interior and reduce visibility from the outside. Car tints come in six different kinds. Read on to understand all the different types of car tints.

1. Dyed Window Tinting

This is the most affordable entry level of car window tinting which is basically a dyed barrier between the sun and the interior of the car that absorbs the solar heat thus minimizing the temperature in the cabin

2. Metalized Window Tinting

This is the second stage of car window tinting which involves the addition of small and thin coats of reflective metal to the film of the window’s tint to act as a protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. The metalized window tint also offers a number of advantages that include improving the strength of the window and offering a private environment inside the car.

3. Hybrid Window Tinting

This kind of tinting is a combination of dyed and metalized window tinting and comes with the best from both. The metalized tint comes in handy due to its reflective features while the dyed tint offers its absorptive feature.

4. Carbon Window Tinting

Carbon tint is a window tint that is matte finished which does maintain the interior of your car cool as well as blocking almost 40 percent of the sun’s infrared radiation which is surprisingly considered a healthy benefit of tinting.

5. Crystalline Window Tinting

This the most preferred window tinting when it comes to the cooling and protective benefits of the carbon tint rather than the darkness it offers to the interior of the car. It therefore protects the occupants and the interior of the car from the UV rays and the infrared radiation from the sun but doesn’t offer much privacy.

6. Ceramic Tinting

his kind of tinting is considered as the most advanced and technological kind of tinting because its absorption of the solar heat is double the ones of dyed or hybrid tints. Ceramic tinting also protects the interior of the car by preventing up to 99 percent of the sun’s ultraviolet rays without reducing the visibility.

‘Why Should You Tint Your Car?’

Car tint Las Vegas and Henderson have the answers to all the questions that you might be asking yourself, including;

  • Does car window tint offer protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays and heat? A definite “Yes”. The sun’s UV rays and heat contribute mostly to the fading and cracking of materials in the surfaces of the car’s interior such as the dashboard, leather seats and carpeting. Car tinting therefore protects the car’s interior as well as its occupants from the UV rays including UVA which is known to cause skin cancer.
  • Does window tinting offer privacy? window tint offers a private environment inside the cabin of the car by enabling the car occupant(s) to see the outside from the inside while barring the outside people from seeing the inside.
  • Does a tint make your car look cool? Just as shades make celebrities look cool, does the car tinting also make a car look cool by amplifying its general look.
  • Does window tinting reduce the temperature inside the car? During hot seasons, temperature inside the car increases due to the increase in heat produced by the sun. Tinting your car therefore helps maintain the cabin cool.

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