What is the purpose of tinted car windows?

Car specialist applying tinting foil on a car window in auto service

A car, and particularly a new one, can be a reflection of many things in your life. These may include status, convenience, financial capacity, and more. However, some details of your car may mean more than you think. For instance, window tinting, while many assume this is only for aesthetic purposes or privacy, there are more benefits.

In addition, you will also need an expert to do it for you. At Capital Tint and Customs, we are the ideal tint shop, especially for car owners in Las Vegas. Cars without tint are mostly for display or used for props in entertainment. So, what is the purpose of window tinting in Las Vegas and other places we serve?

Purpose of Window Tinting

Tinting is an affordable and simple process on almost all cars. While this may be easy, you will need an expert to do it. Our specialists at Capital Tint and Customs understand that this is an art form. Besides, we also understand the window tint laws and will do it within the stipulated regulations. But, here are more reasons for window tinting in Las Vegas.

Block UV Rays

The UV rays are a form of electromagnetic radiation from the sun, harmful if you are exposed for too long. This exposure can also damage your car’s upholstery and other interior accessories, including yourself, while driving for many hours. But tinted car windows block about 99% of UV rays keeping you and your car’s interior safe.


This is probably the top reason many people bring their cars to our experts for tinting. Car theft is significantly lowered through window tinting. A thief will be reluctant to break into or steal from a car they can’t see the occupants or what’s inside. Leaving exposed valuables or gadgets such as phones, laptops, and even jewels is an open invitation for thieves. But tinted windows prevent people from seeing who or what’s inside your car.

Lowers heat inside your car

The film helps keep the interior cooler when we tint your car windows. It reduces the heat generated by the sun, especially in warm or hot weather. The low transparency tinting our experts apply lowers the heat up to 70%. This is why you should consider bringing your car to Capital Tint and Customs.

Protects against shattered glass

Our window tinting expertise also enhances your safety, especially from broken glass. The film we use prevents the glass from shattering if hit by an object or in case you are involved in an accident. It also makes it hard for thieves to break through the tinted windows.

Enhanced and safer driving experience

As our customers continue to enjoy the benefits of window tinting in Las Vegas, you also experience safer driving. It is common, especially when you forget your anti glare glasses at home or the workplace. Glare can expose you to accidents due to deteriorated visibility. But window tinting offers a solution to improving your driving experience.

With our services in window tinting in Las Vegas now, you stand to enjoy a host of these and many other irresistible benefits. We are ready to offer you expert services at Capital Tint and Customs when you visit. When we tint your car windows, you are sure of expertise and professionalism throughout. We also ensure you get value for your money for this investment. We are waiting for your car at our shop.