What to Expect After Window Tinting

Owning your own car is no small feat. It only makes sense that you’d want to give your vehicle the proper care and attention it deserves. With expert window tinting, you can make your car stand out, drive in comfort, and protect the windows (and your interior) for years to come. You may be fearful of ruining your new tint job, so these are some common things you can look out for to feel confident and knowledgeable about what happens next! After all, you want your automobile to appear fantastic for as long as possible!

Here are five things to expect following a window tint:

Initial bubbles or blurry windows are usual.

Sometimes there are tiny bubbles under the film and a haze on the glass after window tinting. Don’t worry if your window tint dries with streaks, haze, or bubbles. Dew from the window can cause bubbles, but they will disappear in a few days.

It will protect you and your automobile from UV radiation, burglars, and flying glass while it dries (in the event of an accident). Even if you have to wait for the film to cure and the bubbles to go away, you may start enjoying the benefits of window tinting immediately.

Stronger windows aren’t invincible.

Tinting windows just makes them scratch-resistant. So move sharp objects, cartons, and sporting equipment with care. Remember to remove your seatbelt cautiously. The metal buckle might fly back and chip your window tint.

Rolling down the windows too soon after tinting can scrape the film off the glass before it has a chance to cure. It takes two to four days in the summer and three to four weeks in the winter for the film to dry completely.

You can wash your tinted windows at home (carefully!).

If you wish to wash your automobile at home after the film has dried, just follow these simple steps:

Look for a window cleaner designed for tinted film. Spray cleansers are generally safe because they use mild cleaning ingredients. Windows can also be cleaned with warm soapy water.

Blue-colored liquid cleansers include ammonia, which can discolor and destroy window tint.

Open your car doors to inspect for dirty patches on the windows.

Glasses should be spritzed with an ammonia-free cleaner.

Wipe the liquid down the windows with a soft microfiber cloth or squeegee.

If there is any cleanser or water at the coloured film’s margins, gently wipe it away.

Drying time is affected by weather and season.

During the summer, the light helps your window tint cure (or dry) in two to four days. This treatment may take three to four weeks to fully dry if performed in the winter.

No matter how long your window tint cures, don’t rush to the car wash. This will prolong the drying period and prolong the window bubbles. If it’s snowing or raining, place your car in direct sunlight or inside a garage to speed up the drying process.

Your window tint will start working immediately!

After the tint has dried and you have securely cleaned your windows, you can rest and enjoy the following benefits:

  1. UV protection for skin and eyes
  2. Leaner interior with less fading and leather cracking
  3. No flying glass fragments in an accident
  4. Darkened windows prevent intruders
  5. Now that you know what to expect, you can:
  6. Enjoy driving in style.
  7. Car window and interior protection.
  8. Prevent intrusions, the sun, and more.
  9. Maintain a lovely window tint for years.

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