What You Should Know About Car Wraps

Car wrappers using squeegee to straighten vinyl foil

Did you know that designing your car with car wraps is a new fashion in Las Vegas? Car Wraps have become a popular trend in this town. It would help if you had a reliable, convenient, cost-effective service provider for better wrapping services.

Various car wrapping service providers offer the installation of car wraps. So, it may be challenging to select a reliable company that will give you the best quality services. Therefore, it is important to know what car wraps entail for easier selection.

This article discusses what you need to understand about car wraps in Las Vegas. So keep reading.


There are several types of car wraps in Las Vegas. You may find car wraps with different color schemes designed to change with light reflection. Car wraps like vinyl films also mimic stainless steel, leather, and carbon fibers. Car wraps with a satin finish, glossy or semi-glossy, or matte finish are additional car wraps varieties.


When you get your car wrap installed by our Capital Tint and Customs team, it is made to last. Quality work done by a team of professionals is a key point for a durable car wrap. In addition, the car wrap needs proper maintenance to keep its dazzling quality.


Car wraps require the surface to be smooth and clean for correct and firm adherence. Smooth and clean surfaces help cover the dents, rust, or paint splatter on your car. At Capital Tint and Customs, we apply the wrap professionally and make your car look neat and presentable as if it is new.


You can decide to change your car’s appearance when you want to sell it or for other purposes. If you find yourself in this situation, we recommend taking your vehicle to the same shop that did the car wrap service.

However, you can do the task yourself, but the challenge could arise when the wrap starts to come apart due to being baked in. But, if your car wrap was done by a professional, it shouldn’t leave sticky residue upon removal.

Protection to your car paint

Car wrapping can cover and protect your car paint. Car wraps act as a barrier between your car paint and the weather exposure or impacts from rocks or debris. The car wrap will also protect your car from normal wear and tear over time.

Final word

Having gone through the above article, you’ve learned the basics of car wraps in Las Vegas. To continue thriving in this new popular trend in Las Vegas, we recommend knowing all about car wraps. For instance, the best features, durability, application, and removal of the wraps. At Capital Tint and Customs, we are best known for premium-quality car wrap services in Las Vegas!