When is it Time to Remove Your Window Tint?

There are lots of reasons why drivers in the Las Vegas area choose to get their windows tinted. Some value the anonymity that tinted windows afford them. Some find the dazzling Nevada sun too glaring for them as they make their way to their chosen destination and find that a window tint helps to reduce glare to help them stay in control of their vehicle. And then there are those who simply do it because it looks cool. Over the years we’ve dealt with lots of different customers and all have their own reasons for choosing tinted windows.

Yet, as much as you may love the look and feel that your window tint affords you, it’s important to recognize the signs that tell you your tint should be removed. Whether through aging, heat exposure or poor fitting here are some signs that will tell you it’s time to remove that tint…

It’s peeling or bubbling

With summer fast approaching, the Vegas heat can really do a number on your tint job. On a sunny day, it’s not uncommon for your car to be exposed to temperatures in excess of 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Unless you have a parking spot or garage that gives your car protection from the sun, being left in the sun all day can be damaging to your tint. It can accelerate the aging of your auto tint job and lead to peeling and bubbling as it comes away from the surface of your windows. If you’ve only just had your tint job done, peeling and bubbling can also indicate a poor installation.

Either way, the tint’s gotta go!

It’s discolored

There’s nothing quite like that beautiful dark and glossy appearance that a freshly applied tint lends to your windows. However, as the tint job ages and is exposed to harsh sunlight it can lead to fading, discoloration and uneven patches of light and dark across the surface of the glass. That’s a far cry from the super cool look you were initially going for.

The last thing you want is for your tint job to become an embarrassment. That discolored tint needs to be removed!

Stuck fibers between the tint and the window

When you see stuck fibers, dust or other debris between the tint and your window this is a sign of a poor installation. Before the tint is applied the glass needs to be wiped completely clean with a lint-free cloth and the tint needs to be applied in a totally enclosed space. Otherwise contaminants can be sealed between the tint and the window. And once you’ve seen them… You can’t ever un-see them. Unfortunately, your only recourse is to get the tint removed.

It’s not giving you the sun protection that it used to

When your tint was first applied your car felt like a portable oasis of cool and shade, even on the most stiflingly hot summer days. Now, however, you notice the sun’s rays creeping in through your windshield more and more often.

If you’re noticing that you squint a lot more than you’re used to it could be that your tint isn’t giving you the sun protection that it should.

Whatever the reason, when it’s time to get your window tint removed, you can trust Capital Tint & Customs to do the best job at the best price while giving your vehicle the care and attention it deserves!

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