When’s The Right Time To Get Your Car Tinted?

Having your vehicle tinted can improve its appearance, increase its lifespan and prevent unnecessary damage from occurring. Whether you’re driving a brand new car or a much-loved, pre-owned vehicle, there’s no bad time to get your car tinted. In fact, the sooner you get your car tinted, the sooner you’ll benefit from the increased protection it offers.

Reducing Heat Transference

Whilst many people adore the visual that tinting your car creates, it also has a range of practical benefits. Minimizing heat transfer is one of the best features of auto tinting, particularly in Las Vegas where temperatures can skyrocket.

Whether you opt for heat rejection via a standard tint, heat rejection of over 44% with a carbon tint, over 54% sun rejection with high performance tinting, 56% heat blocking with carbon XP tints or 85% blocking of infrared heat with a ceramic tint, you’ll be amazed at the impact it has on the interior of your vehicle.

As well as helping to protect sensitive electronics, auto tints can help to maintain the appearance of your car’s interior. Leather interiors, in particular, can quickly fade or crack when they’re exposed to high temperatures and intense sunlight. By opting for a heat rejecting tint, you can ensure that your interior doesn’t age prematurely.

Blocking UV Rays

Whilst auto tints can help to protect the interior of your vehicle, they can protect you too. With the sun beating down, a considerable amount of UV rays can penetrate your car windows and cause damage to your skin. Although AC may keep the interior relatively comfortable, UVA and UVB rays could be causing untold damage to your skin every time you’re in your vehicle.

With auto tints, however, you can block up to 99.9% of UV rays from traveling through the glass. As well as helping to minimize wrinkles and skin blemishes, blocking harmful UV rays could also be an effective way of reducing your risk of developing serious illnesses, such as skin cancer.

Although you may be conscious of the sun’s potentially harmful effects when you’re outside, it’s easy to overlook the damage it could be causing, when you’re in your vehicle. By having your car tinted, however, you can protect yourself and your passengers by blocking 99.9% of UV rays from reaching your skin.

Choosing Your Auto Tint

With a range of dyes and films available, you can select the perfect tint for your vehicle. Whether you want a limo-dark tint or a barely noticeable film, a Henderson Auto Tint will ensure your car meets your requirements, and we can even add smoked headlights and tail lights to complete the look.

Using the latest technology and high-quality materials, auto tinting is a simple, straightforward and budget-friendly way to protect your car, yourself and your passengers. Contact our office to setup an appointment. Suitable for vehicles of any age, the right time to get your car tinted is now!

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