Why is my window tint bubbling already?


place in time. You spend the better part of your day in your car, and you can attest that car tints are essential.

Why Should I Get My Car Window Tinted?

Do not underestimate the process of installing and caring for the window tint with a mobile tint near me. Some cars come with tints already installed, but here are two main reasons you should install windo tints:

  • The window tint has come in handy to protect your car interiors against the UV rays on sunny days.
  • You enjoyed the privacy of your car courtesy of the tint. It could be because you bought your car with the tints already installed.

It is time to start taking care of your car. Solve the bubbling on Mobile Tint Near Me such as Capital Tint and Customs and you will enjoy using your vehicle.

What Causes Tint Bubbling?

Seeing bubbles on your car window tint should not surprise you. Like any feature of a car, the tint will eventually wear by forming bubbles. However, the duration they take to starting bubbling speaks a lot about the installation process and quality. If the bubbles are forming immediately after installation, these could be the possible reasons:

Improper Installation

It is wise to work with experts when considering mobile tint near me. Counterfeit window tint installers can be affordable, but they will end up doing shoddy work. Besides seeing bubbles, you will likely see the tint turning purple or fading 1 or 2 years post-installation. Therefore, you may be forced to reinstall the tints and spend more money for the best results. To avoid these inconveniences, consider working with professional mobile car tint experts near you such as Capital Tint and Customs.

Climate Change

The changing temperatures may affect your window tints, making them have bubbles. The window tints are simply plastic which is affected by heating and cooling. Depending on the quality of your window tints, exposure to sunlight may cause bubbling.

The Quality of the Used Tint

The quality of the tint that you choose for your windows will determine how long it will take before bubbling. A simple dyed film will be cheaper, but it will not last long. The hybrid film made of both dye and reflective metals can serve you for up to 5 years. But a costly vacuum chamber can serve you for an entire decade. It is essential to get the right people to advise you, especially if you doubt the quality of your tints.

Types of Bubbles

While inspecting mobile tint near me for car window tint installation, keep in mind that there are different types of bubbles:

Water Bubbles

You are likely to see water bubbles after the installation of the window tint. However, the bubbles should clear on their own as the film on your window cures. Do not confuse water bubbles with soapy ones. Water bubbles are transparent, while soapy bubbles are whitish.

Soapy Bubbles

The soap bubbles will become smaller days after tinting, but they will not disappear completely. A professional tint installer will recommend reinstallation of the tint in case of soap bubbles.

Dirt Bubbles

The Dirt bubbles get larger as your tint cures. These bubbles will not disappear; they will make your window blurry and messy. In most cases, you will have to replace the tint.

Getting Started

You may be confusing the blisters on your window tint with bubbles, or you may be confident they are bubbles. Irrespective of the kind of problem that your window tint has, you need help. Capital Tint and Customs. have the best solution for your window tint issues. Do not hesitate to contact them anytime to let them solve all your problems in the friendliest yet professional manner.


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