Why You Shouldn’t Skip on Paint Protection for Your Car

Tinting your car is one of the most important ways to protect it. Capital Tint and Customs does more than just tinting. We know that you have questions about what paint protection is, how to apply it, and how it works.

Professional paint protection is not just about aesthetics. It can help prevent your car from being scratched or having its paint chipped off from rocks and other debris on the road.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Skip Your Car Paint Protection

Resale Value

Vehicle paint can make or break the resale value of your vehicle. Paint damage is a problem for many cars. It can happen when you accidentally touch a surface with your car or truck, and the paint becomes scratched. The more the paint gets scratched, the less it will sell.

Car paint is not just the exterior appearance of your car but also the durable covering that protects it from scrapes. Many people don’t think about the resale value when buying cars. Paint damage diminishes the value of your vehicle and can make it difficult to sell later on for a higher price. 

Protects Your Car From Scratches and Dents

No matter what you do, there are always going to be people who are careless when driving. You can avoid getting your car scratched or dented by using car paint.

Car paint protects the car’s surface. It also creates a barrier against the elements, which can help improve the lifespan of your vehicle.

Make Your Car Look Like New Again

Car paint protection films make your vehicle look new again, protect it from dirt, dust, and UV rays. Painting the automobile will cause a chemical reaction where the paint material will bond with the film. This bonding process means protection from scratches and damage.

Many car owners have the desire to protect their vehicles with paint protection films. Manufacturers apply car paint onto the surface of a car during its production phase, but they are still susceptible to damage due to chips.

As a result, many people come up with different solutions to prevent paint damage on cars, such as adding waxes or using sealants. However, these methods are not always effective in protecting the vehicle from further damages. That is where paint protection films come in — offering an easy solution for protection without the hassle of going through many different steps to protect your car’s bodywork.

Advantages of Car Paint Protection

People know the paint protection film by another name — a clear bra film. This film protects against stone chips, tiny metal particles, and dust that can cause scratching and marring of paint. 

Some of the advantages of car paint include:

  • Promotes a long-lasting shine that radiates through the finish of your car;
  • Prevents water spots;
  • Brightens up faded paint;
  • Enhances color vibrancy;
  • Scratch resistance;
  • Reduces risk of corrosion;
  • Minimizes UV damage.

Give your car the protection it deserves. Whether you need tint in Las Vegas, a clear bra, or one of our many other services, Capital Tint and Customs team of qualified, experienced professionals can help with window tinting, paint protection, and much more.