Window Tint Options in Las Vegas

Specialist installing tint film on the side front glass of the car and drying the glass with an industrial dryer

Tinted windows are an excellent upgrade to consider for your vehicle. They have a sleek aesthetic, as well as providing many functional uses. Especially in Las Vegas, where the intense sun heats up your car and pelts it with harmful UV rays, window tinting is an excellent investment. What you may not have known is that there are actually many different types of window tint available to you. There are even options that provide protection against the sun without the aesthetics of darkened windows! Read on to learn more.

Dyed Tint

The most cost-effective choice in vehicle tint is dyed window tint. It is made up of numerous layers of dye that serve to keep the heat out of your automobile, keeping it cooler during the hot summer months. However, it isn’t as effective at shielding heat as many other automobile tints on the market today. This auto tint will also fade faster than other auto window tints, necessitating tint removal and replacement sooner than you’d want. It should provide a decent amount of privacy as well.

Metalized Tint

Metalized window tint, rather than utilizing dye, uses microscopic metal particles to block out the sun’s rays and darken your windows. This window tint has all of the same advantages as dyed window tint in terms of privacy and heat resistance, but it also has the added bonus of security.

Many people like metalized vehicle window tint because the particles have both aesthetic and functional uses. Metalized automobile tint is a security film that provides excellent heat resistance, decreased glare, privacy, aesthetics, and UV radiation blockage. Because it can interfere with electronic signals like mobile phones and radio, it’s crucial to get professional advice before applying this car tint. To learn more, contact us today!

Hybrid Tint

If you want the best of both worlds, hybrid window tinting is the solution for you. Hybrid vehicle window tint is exactly that: a combination of dyed and metalized car tint. Titanium and gray dye are commonly combined because the color satisfies most state’s criteria, and it provides a high level of secrecy, UV ray protection, and heat resistance. The radio interference from the metal is also reduced by combining the two automobile tints.

Carbon Tint

Drivers in Las Vegas who want to remain cool during the hot summer months can consider carbon window tinting. Many car owners prefer carbon car tint because it has a distinct appearance and aesthetic. It features a matte coating that prevents roughly 40% of the infrared radiation that causes your car to overheat. It also helps to prevent upholstery from fading and saves you money on gas and air conditioning. This long-lasting vehicle tint also helps to offset its greater up-front cost.

Window Tint in Crystalline

Some individuals dislike the appearance of tinted windows, but they also want to be able to keep the sun out and filter dangerous UV rays. Crystalline vehicle tint is a transparent automotive tint that is virtually undetectable. Because it is not formed of metal components, it blocks heat but not electronic signals.

Ceramic Tint

Ceramic window tinting, regarded as the top tier option, provides the greatest benefits. However, it comes at a higher cost than other automobile tints. Particles with non-conductive characteristics are used in this sort of window tinting. It can block more of the sun’s heat, minimize sun glare and fading, provide shatter resistance and automobile security, and help block most of the dangerous UV rays that may injure your skin and eyes, as well as your car’s interior. It is also the most durable option.

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