Window Tint Removal


Car window tinting is a fairly popular choice among owners. Tints provide shade, privacy, and interior protection for your car. Even with all the benefits of having your car tinted, for one reason or another, some owners end up wanting the tint removed. This process requires experience and care to ensure that it is done properly.

Some car owners decide to start the window tint removal process on their own instead of bringing their car to a professional. This decision, without any knowledge or experience, can cause several problems.

Reasons For Wanting Window Tint Removal

Most owners can appreciate the many benefits of having their car window tinted. As a matter of fact, many new car models come with tinted windows due to the rise in popularity. After some time, a handful of people will still decide to have their window tint removed. There are typically a few reasons for this decision, which includes:

Stop Low-Quality Tint from Cracking

With time, window tints can start to peel and crack. This happens usually due to low-quality window tints, or even tints that were not installed correctly.

This will make your car unsightly and also makes it very dangerous. After the window tint starts to crack, it will make it difficult for the driver to see from the affected windows. This makes driving very dangerous when your vision is impaired.

As a preventative measure, some car owners will decide to begin the window tint removal process after it starts to crack.

Nighttime Driving Improvement

Nighttime driving can be a problem for some drivers due to their car window tint. Darker tints can make it difficult for them to see in the dark.

After drivers notice, they are struggling to see in certain places or at times of night, they choose to remove their window tint.

Why You Want to Consider NOT Removing the Window Tint on Your Own

For these reasons, you must consult a professional if you decide to start the window tint removal process. You will be ensuring the job is done right by hiring an experienced and knowledgeable technician.

Window tint removal is difficult because the film used on the window usually consists of two layers. The first layer will come off the second layer very easily when removing the tint, however, the second layer will stick to the window. An inexperienced owner can attempt to remove the second layer but will have to deal with a lot of peeling, flaking, sticking, and tearing.

Why Bring It to The Professionals?

In order to properly remove the window tint, professionals will have the experience and knowledge, along with the proper tools and chemicals needed to soften the window tint. Improper window tint removal can bring many types of dangers. It can end up doing much more harm when people take matters into their own hands.

The Dangers of DIY Window Tint Removal

Here are the dangers that can arise from removing the window tint yourself and why you should consider hiring a professional:

Unsightly Windows

If you are removing the window tint yourself, you run the risk of causing your windows to look unsightly because of a lack of proper tools and knowledge to get the job done the first time. This can cause the value of your car to plummet.

Damaging The Defroster Lines

Permanent damage to your vehicle can happen from attempting to remove the window tint on your own. A cut to one or more of the defroster lines can happen if an inexperienced owner attempts the window tine removal, which disables your car’s defroster.

The defroster is an essential component of a functioning car, and not having one can cause very dangerous driving conditions.

Losing A Working Antennae

If your car radio uses an antenna, it will be unable to work due to damage from a cut in the defroster line. The antenna runs beside the defroster lines, which becomes easy to ruin by accident.

Window tint removal has many negative possibilities. It’s really not worth the risk. Don’t put yourself in that position when you don’t have to. If you decide that you want your tint removed from your car, bring it to us and we’ll be happy to help!

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