Window Tinting in Nevada

Window tinting is a practice adopted by many for various reasons. What initially was standard on vehicles is now finding ways into residential houses. You may tint your windows to reduce the VLT (Visible light transference) and to enhance security. However, window tinting can pose a significant security risk for drivers and the general public. Besides these, there are many various reasons why you should get your windows tinted. Below are some of the reasons for window tinting;

Why Tint Your Windows?

Reduce interior heat

We all know how summers are in Nevada. Giving your house or vehicle a tint can help reduce the heat transfer by 78%. The film reduces the interior heating effect of the sun on your house or vehicle. Therefore, your air conditioner’s runtime reduces significantly and increases the lifetime of your vehicle’s air conditioning system. To get a Professional window tint in Las Vegas and avoid the heat, contact Capital Tint and Customs. We will give your house or vehicle a relaxed feel, making you avoid the scorching heat of Nevada.

Minimize interior fading

Depending on the quality of the film, up to 99% of the UV ray can be blocked. Consequently, the fading on your carpets, seats, wood trim, or dash reduces. It may also extend their lifetime.

Reducing Hazardous glare

When driving, glare may blind vision. Accidents may arise from this. However, applying tint on both the rear and side windows can reduce the glare significantly.

Other reasons include reducing health risks to the skin and the eyes, enhancing appearance, and saving energy by reducing the AC’s time. However, nefarious actors can use tints to mask themselves. Additionally, a vehicle with a low VLT percentage may end up causing accidents because of low visibility. For this reason, various states have enacted restrictions and requirements for tinting. Therefore, you need to hire a professional for window tinting services. Below are the restrictions for tinting homes and various vehicles.

Nevada Tinting Laws

Home and Corporate houses tinting laws

There are several benefits to tinting your home or business windows. They keep your home cool, making you eligible for tax cuts, rebates, and other benefits that accrue to being eco-friendly and efficient. The good thing is that there are currently no laws on the maximum window tinting for professional buildings and homes.


There is no argument that window tints enhance the appearance of your sedan. However, there are restrictions on the percentage of window tint on your sedan in Nevada. The restrictions are as follows:

1. Their window tint should allow at least 35% light into your sedan.

2. You cannot apply amber or red-colored tints to your sedan. It is illegal under Nevada state laws on window tinting.

3. You can apply any tint level for the rear window and the rear side window.

4. You can apply a non-reflective window tint on the windshield. However, it has to be above the AS-1 line of the manufacturer.

5. The state law also allows you to use the tint that may otherwise be illegal if you have medical exceptions. To inquire about the subtlety of such a law on window tint in Las Vegas, consult a professional.

6. The sedan must have dual side mirrors if the back window is tinted.

7. Drivers are not required to have stickers indicating the type, legality, or level of their tint.

For trucks, SUVs, and vans, the regulations are similar. However, ensure that you keep an eye on the regulations as they can change at any time.


As we have seen, the reasons for applying window tints on your vehicles or buildings are many. However, your window tint must adhere to the set laws. Therefore, you should go with a window tainting professional who understands these laws. If you are looking for an expert to provide quality window tint in Las Vegas, contact us. We offer professional car, home, and office tinting services to residents of Nevada. To schedule an appointment or consultation, call us on (702)227-4825.