Winter Tips for Vinyl Car Wrap

 As we get ready for winter, there are things we must do to prepare for the weather. Certain tasks like oil change, tune-up, and tire pressure are all basic maintenance we need to do. However, when your car has a vinyl wrap, there are some extra precautions we must take during winter. You want to ensure that the wrap does not get damaged due to inclement weather.

Car maintenance can be a major expense. Since you invested in the car vinyl wrap, it’s best to find ways to maintain the great design and prevent damage to your finish. The beauty of the car vinyl wrap is promoting your business or idea. This makes it crucial to practice proper maintenance of your design during the harsh weather of winter. Here are some things that you can do to protect your investment.

Clean Your Car ASAP

As we face snow and ice, it is important to frequently clean your car to reduce exposure to inclement weather. Hand washing is best for your vinyl wrap, since power washing or a car wash, will weaken the wrap. This should be done twice a week.

Say No to Salt for the Wrap’s Health

When it comes to winter weather, we can expect to see salt on the roads to clear snowy and icy roads. It is important to clean salt from under your car. If the salt is not cleaned from the car, the salt creates discoloration to the wrap. Salt can also corrode the vinyl and paint as well. This corrosion causes further damage to your car in general if it goes unchecked.

Melt the Ice from Inside the Car

To remove ice and snow from your perforated or solid vinyl, put on your window defroster. The defroster will melt the ice and snow without damaging your design. The ice scraper and shovels will damage or scratch your design. Use a snow brush to remove snow and ice as well from the car. It is also helpful to use a broom or soft cloth to remove the snow and ice from the car.

The Main Steps for Your Vinyl Wrap during Winter

These tips can protect your vinyl design during the harsh winters. It might seem like a lot if you are used to going to a car wash on a weekly basis. It’s so important to take the necessary precautions to reduce car expenses. So, remember to clean salt immediately, and remove snow and ice with a broom, soft cloth, or brush. These tips will keep your vinyl wrap looking fresh a lot longer. If your wrap is a business logo, it maintains the quality of your brand as well.

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