Can Tinting My Car Windows Improve Visibility?

Visibility is one of, if not the most important safety factors there is when driving your vehicle. Being able to read road signs, notice road hazards, and anticipate the movement of surrounding traffic is paramount to getting yourself where you need to go in a secure fashion. While window tints might seem like they could inhibit your visibility, this is actually untrue. Properly installed window tints can improve your visibility when driving, both during the day and at night. If this seems strange to you, let us explain a little more fully.

Glare Elimination

Glare is one of the biggest dangers to your visibility, the main culprit being sunlight. Sunrise and sunset are two of the most dangerous times to drive, as not only are there more drivers on the road, but the angle at which sunlight is peering in through your windshield is at its most noticeable. Window tints can effectively reduce the glare of UV rays and sunlight, which can ensure your visibility is barely affected – if at all.

Driving at night can be dangerous for a number of reasons. Drivers tend to be more susceptive to feelings of tiredness, meaning slower reaction times after a long day’s work. That means visibility is of the utmost importance, as you need to be even more aware of other driver’s behavior, while also keeping an eye out for unexpected hazards like animals or pedestrians crossing the street, snow and ice, and anything else that might be in your way. Window tints don’t just reduce glare from sunlight – they can also eliminate glare from the headlights of other vehicles, street lights, and aggressive holiday displays.

Won’t Darkening My Windows Make It Harder to See?

While we understand that it might seem counterintuitive to darken your windows to improve nighttime vision, we can explain. Typically, window tints will only significantly darken your windows in a one-way fashion. Think of a one-way mirror – one side can only see themselves, while the other side has a clear view! This is effectively how most window tints work – your vision won’t be inhibited, while outside eyes and lights will have a much harder time getting into your vehicle.

My Friend Installed Window Tints and Had a Hard Time Seeing – Why Won’t That Happen to Me?

We’ve heard this question many, many times. Everyone knows somebody that has had a negative tinting experience with their vehicle. Maybe the film started coming off, resulting in a cheapening of the vehicle’s appearance, or maybe the tint resulted in poorer visibility at night. We can tell you that if you had your vehicle’s window tints installed by a certified professional, this won’t happen to you. How can we assure this? Because window tints that inhibit driver vision or don’t effectively reduce glare are illegal. That means that any qualified tinting professional won’t be making use of them.

Further Benefits of Window Tinting

Besides improving visibility and upgrading your vehicle’s security, window tinting in Henderson, NV can also effectively cool down your vehicle. Reflective tints act similarly to the type of sunglasses poker players often wear – they mirror sunlight, which reduced heat coming in through the conductive glass material that makes up your car’s windows. That means cool air stays inside your vehicle, while hot air stays out.

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