Car Tinting: Why Do It Yourself When You Can Take It To Capital Mobile Tint & Customs?


Car Tinting: Why Do It Yourself When You Can Take It To Capital Mobile Tint & Customs?

Reasons to Window Tint

There are many reasons to window tint, the most noticeable benefit to your windows will be the change in the way your car looks. Darker windows immediately make a car look sleeker and cooler: that’s a fact! But that’s not the most important reason to look into car tinting.

When you live in an area as hot as the South or Southwest, cars need tinted windows because they crucially block out unwanted sunlight and UV rays. These harmful rays can do a lot of damage to the interior of your car – your dashboard, your trim, and leather seats.

A good car tint can also help control a car’s internal temperature, which can reach upwards of 160 degrees on a summer day.

Should You Do It Yourself?

Car window tint kits are available to purchase, which makes it easier for amateurs to install themselves with their own tools. However, the job requires a great amount of time and patience and the finished result won’t be on par with that of a professional car tint job.

The Advantages of Doing it Yourself

There are plenty of options and sizes to fit every budget. Shop around and look for the best option for your price point.

For an easier option, buy a precut kit. Window tinting kits come in two options: whole sheets and precut kits. There are precut kits available for hundreds of trucks and cars, accurately measured to fit straight into your windows right from the box.

You’ll save money by doing it yourself. Buying a kit will save money on paying for skilled labor, but you will have to the work yourself.

The Drawbacks of Doing it Yourself

While it is not impossible to do it yourself, there are certainly many drawbacks to tinting car windows yourself.

It can be quite a difficult job. To apply a professional standard finish on a window tint is a difficult skill, one that often requires practice. Although you might be a seasoned mechanic, working with car tinting kits requires a completely different set of tools and skills and you might find it to be a challenging task.

You must have a very clean workspace. Before you apply your car tint kit, you must first have a clean space to work in. An environment free of dust is important because these same dust particles can end up between the window and the car tint film.

You need to understand the legalities. Each state has its own rules about car modifications, so be sure to check the rules in your state before installing a window tint kit.

Should You Visit A Professional for Installation?

For a quality car tint, there’s only one real route to take: visit a pro. But there are also other reasons to go the professional route.

The job will have a guarantee – or it should! Any good tinting shop will guarantee the quality of its work. If there is something about the job you aren’t completely happy with, the shop should make it right.

The shop will have experienced technicians. These technicians will have the experience and skillset to do the job expertly and promptly with a quality finish.

A professional shop will understand the legalities in your state and stay within the legal guidelines.

The professionals at Capital Mobile Tint & Customs know car tinting and will get the job right the first time – guaranteed!

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