Choosing A Bed Liner for Your Truck

Your truck is an investment and it needs good care at all costs. That might involve ensuring that you schedule regular maintenance and inspection to ensure it operates at the highest possible performance level. A truck plays a critical role in hauling and moving people and cargo from one place to another. That means you also need to be careful about the truck bed liner you choose for your truck. Besides the quality, the bed liner must also enhance your vehicle’s aesthetics and preserve its functional lifespan.

If you are in the market looking for the ideal truck-bed liner for your ‘workhorse,’ here are some practical tips to help you find the right product.

Consider the Type of Cargo

The type of cargo you plan on hauling determines the kind of bed liner you choose. If you plan on transporting antique furniture, a soft liner makes the most sense. A softer liner prevents damage to the cargo while protecting the trucks against abrasion and scratches. If you are moving metal drums or toxic chemicals, it would be best to consider a corrosion-resistant spay-in bed liner.

The Feel of the Texture

Consumer markets have different types of bed liners. They include fabricated plastic, rubber, plywood, carpet/rug, and Rhino and Line-X liners with thick, plasticized paint. All these options have varied textures, and your choice depends on your hauling needs. Molded plastic liners are designed to slide across. Therefore, you might consider them when you are loading cargo by yourself to ease the job. If you’re looking for soft cushioning for your cargo and truck, a Rhino Tuffgrip Liner is the right choice. Its increased thickness makes it a gentler option and alleviates the pain of kneeling on the bed when loading.

Avoid DIY Bed Liners

Whether you want trim-to-fit rubber mats or molded plastic, you can find several affordable bed liners with easy DIY installation procedures. Only a few inexpensive options are reliable and durable; most home remedies don’t perform as expected, perhaps the reason for their low pricing. Additionally, a DIY project consumes time because you lack the knowledge, training, and tools for efficient installation.

However, reliable products, such as Rhino Linings, including HardLine®, TuffGrip®, Rhino Extreme™, Rhino Hybrid™ and SolarMax® coatings., are installed differently from other bed liners. Rhino installers use state-of-the-art solutions, such as hot, pressurized systems, to install the bed liner. As a result, you get an eye-catching and long-lasting liner.

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