How Can Rhino Linings Benefit Your Truck?

 Every pickup truck relies on its bed to haul cargo and equipment. Whether you’re a worker who counts on your tools to get the job done or a musician who needs space for instruments and sound equipment, pickup beds are a cornerstone of hard workers everywhere. However, not all beds are created equal, and many that come default with trucks are prone to scratches, gouges, and other unsightly marks. If you’re the type that wants a truck bed that’ll work wonders for you when it comes to resisting the effects of weather or whatever you’re hauling, then Rhino Linings might do just the trick.

What Are Rhino Linings?

Linings for your truck bed are protective layers of a tough, durable film designed to resist scratch marks, extreme temperatures, and all forms of precipitation. If you’ve noticed your truck bed has starting succumbing to these different forces, then linings might be the answer you’re looking for. What’s special about Rhino Linings is they’re treated in a more advanced way to handle more extreme forces and temperatures.

Rhino linings are made of 100% elastomeric polyurethane material, and sprayed-on to your truck bed to form a tough, near-impenetrable varnish. It can be applied to more than just truck beds, but that’s where we think you’ll see the most benefit.

What’s the Difference Between Rhino Linings and Other Options?

Some pickup trucks come with drop-in truck linings that act as physical barriers between your bed and whatever you’re hauling. However, the big difference is while Rhino Linings are permanently sealed to your truck’s bed, drop-in layers simply rest on top of them. That means especially heavy cargo will still slide around and potentially mess up your truck – and that’s not all. Moisture can get underneath a drop-in liner, which can actually rust out your bed and cause irreversible damage – that means drop-in liners are more trouble than they’re worth, as they don’t fully protect your vehicle, and can actually end up causing even more problems.

Rhino linings are sprayed on and form a permanent layer that adheres to every corner and surface of your truck bed. This layer can’t be removed, unless you call in a professional to have that done for you. It’s moisture-proof and resistant to cracking and damage from all sources, meaning that unless you want it gone, it’s not going anywhere.

What’s the Installation Process Like?

Rhino Linings can be applied quickly to your truck bed, with the average procedure taking only three hours or so, but this can vary depending on the size of your truck’s bed. However, even the largest bed shouldn’t take longer than six hours, meaning you can drive your truck to have its bed professionally lined and retrieve your vehicle in the same day.

Another plus is that there’s no wait period once the installation process is completed. Once the coating has finished drying, your truck is ready to haul, and you can throw whatever you like in there without worrying about damaging your truck bed.

How Long Do Rhino Linings Last?

While Rhino Linings are designed to last forever, they can sometimes crack or show signs of damage under extreme duress. However, this is easily reparable, with the repair process usually taking the same amount of time as the installation, if not less! Ready to get make the upgrade? Contact us today!

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