How dark can I tint my car windows in Nevada?

There are a number of benefits to tinting your windows. They not only look cool, but they do make it more energy efficient, can reduce the glare so it is safer to drive on those sunny days, and can even improve how great the car is going to look. While these benefits may all go into the fact that you want to tint your car windows, it is also important to follow all the safety regulations in Nevada when you put them in.

Namely, these regulations are more about how dark the tint can be on these windows. If you get the tint too dark, you may end up with issues seeing outside the window. The amount of tint that you can have on the windows will depend on which window you would like to get tinted. Having a professional is one of the best ways to make sure you stick within these regulations and stay safe. Do not go over them or you can cause some big risks.

Some of the general rules to keep in mind when choosing the tint amount for any car windows include:

  • Front side windows: These need to be no more than 35% tinted. This allows you to get the benefit without having them so dark that you can’t see what is going on outside around you.
  • Rear side windows: These have a little more freedom and the car owner is able to put these as dark or as light of a window tint as they would like.
  • Back window: The back window is similar to the rear side windows in that they have no limits on the amount of tint in Nevada. Use caution though and pick a tint that looks good but is not too dark.
  • Windshield: This is one of the areas you need to show the most caution because you need to be able to see out of it well. You should never have it tinted too dark. The regulations in Nevada for this is to only have it down to the AS1 marking and no more.

Another thing to consider is the tint reflection. This number is not as regulated in Nevada as some of the others and there are currently no limits on it. You should discuss this with the tint installer to see what they would recommend to help reflect the light off your car and keep you safe on the road at the same time.

If you are looking to get your car windows tinted, it is important to follow the laws in Nevada. You can’t have the windows too dark or it can make it dangerous for you to see out the windows and drive safely. At Capital Mobile Tint, we are happy to help you tint your windows without the high costs and while sticking with the laws in Nevada. When you are ready to tint your windows, contact us today!

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