How will my vehicle wrap hold up in the sun?

One of the newest ways of customizing your vehicles is using vinyl wrapping. These vehicle wraps not only protect your car but also give it a unique design. However, just like the car itself, you should regularly take care of vehicle wraps to avoid being damaged during hot weather.


Increased UV exposure during summer months can damage your vehicle wraps, and eventually, your car will be susceptible to environmental damages. But how will your vehicle wrap hold up in the sun? Here are tips to help you take care of vehicle wraps during the hottest days of the year:

Avoid Direct Sunlight

After prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, the UV rays can cause your vehicle wraps to fade. If you want to maintain your vehicle wraps’ attractive colors and design, keep it away from harmful UV rays.

Be careful also about where you store your car, even if it’s out of direct sunlight. Keeping your vehicle in enclosed storage that gets hotter during summer may shrink, peel or distort the vinyl wrapping.

A simple way to prevent sun damage is to park your car in a shaded area or a garage. Garages and car parks block the harsh sun rays from reaching your vinyl-wrapped car. Car covers can also protect your vehicle from direct UV rays, bird droppings, and leaves.

Hand Wash Your Car Regularly.

Another simple way of caring for your wrapped vehicle is by hand washing it whenever there is a buildup of dirt and other pollutants. Make sure you use vehicle soap and a soft sponge when cleaning. Rinse and dry it thoroughly afterward. This protects the vinyl wrapping from getting destroyed by the dirt over time.

The number of times you should wash your vehicle depends on your location. But generally, you should wash your car once you notice a buildup of dirt that cannot be wiped off by hand. Wash with cold and preferably under a shade during hotter days.

Use Vinyl Wrap Safe Polish or Waxes

Just like you use sunscreen to protect your skin from sunburns, vinyl car wrap safe polishes will protect your car wrap from fading. The wax or polish acts like UV blockers that could damage your vehicle.

A wide range of waxes and polishes are available in the market that offers maximum protection against UV rays. However, ensure that the brand you are buying is safe for vinyl to avoid causing further damage instead of protection.

Rinse Your Car with Cool Water

Everyone longs for that cold splash of water during summer. The same case applies to your car. During hot days, you can rinse your vehicle to prevent the vinyl car wrap’s rippling because of extreme heat.

If you decide to wash your car during hot months, avoid doing it when it’s too hot, especially during midday. This is because the sudden change of temperature can cause warping to your car wrap. Morning or evening hours when the sun is not harsh are the best time for washing your vinyl-wrapped vehicle. Like other times, avoid scrubbing your wrap too hard to avoid stretching and tearing it.

When temperatures hit high scores, it’s not the time to park your car for fear of damage but to give your car wraps little extra care. Follow the steps listed above or give us a call today.

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