Is car tinting worth the price?


You always have to deal with heavy sun year-round while living in Nevada. The sun can really be a big annoyance since you have to drive pretty much anywhere. Not only does it make seeing your surroundings difficult, but the UV rays can also be very harmful. This is why window tinting can help. When you decide to tint your windows, you can stop the sun from causing harm to you and help out with your car. There are many reasons why tinting your car windows is worth it:

Shields You and Your Passengers from Glares the obvious reason to tint your windows is that the car tint will shield you from the glares of the sun. Also, having a car tint will keep you safe on the road while driving. You may recall the many times when you had your vision obscured by the sun’s rays while driving. Most likely, you were afraid of not being able to see the road and everything else around you. With window tinting, 99% of UV rays will be blocked from entering your car, so you’ll be less likely to get into any accidents.

Your Car Will Stay Cool Driving in a hot car will make your entire body feel irritated. The scorching-hot sun will keep hitting you as you start to sweat, making you uncomfortable in your car seat, no matter how long it has been since you turned on the air conditioning. After tinting your windows, your car will be cool and you don’t have to turn the AC on max before you get in the car. All you need to do is hop in, be comfortable and drive away.

Protects Your Upholstery Does this sound familiar? A car with leather seats that were covered in cracks because the car was out in the sun for too long. Well, you can prevent this from happening instantly when you get your car windows properly tinted. You will also protect your steering wheel and dashboard from suffering the same fate as the unprotected leather seats.

Thieves Can’t See What Is in Your Car People have a tendency to leave behind important items in their cars while doing a quick errand. Purses and electronics such as a GPS can be left lying around. Without a window tint, these items can be seen by any passerby and that passerby could be a thief. Tinting your windows solves this problem and prevents strangers from helping themselves to what you left in your car unless they decide to stick their face against your window.

Strengthens The Glass and Is Harder to Break It may be surprising to hear that having the windows in your car tinted makes the glass stronger and harder to shatter. If you happen to get into an accident, your windows will be sturdier and you’ll have a high chance of having the windows stay intact and you will be safe from any broken glass hitting your face.

So, Is Window Tinting Worth It?

Yes, very much so. However, in order to get the best bang for your buck, you should bring your car to a professional car tint installer. A professional will make sure your window tint is installed properly which will prevent the film from bubbling. The risk of scratching your car’s paint or glass will also be greatly reduced. If you want to get your window tint installed the right way, bring it to our shop!

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