Is It Worth the Trouble to Tint Your Own Windows?

 Window tints make for a great addition to any vehicle. They increase both your privacy and security, increase your visibility day and night, cool down your vehicle, and also protect your vehicle’s interior. However, proper window tinting can be a difficult procedure, and it’s usually recommended that you have it handled by a professional. However, if you’re dead-set on doing it yourself, there are quite a few risks involved. Below we discuss these risks, while also giving our professional recommendation. Spoiler alert: we recommend hiring a professional.

Ensure You’re Using a Legal Tint

While it might be hard to believe, certain window tints are actually illegal in the United States. These laws date back to preventing criminal activity, as certain gangs and criminals have been associated with tinted windows on vehicles. When installing your Henderson window tints, you need to be able to verify whether the tint you’ve acquired is allowed. This can be difficult for amateurs, as differentiating between window tints is something that can take professional experience to master.

Acquire the Proper Tools

For a quality tint job, you’ll need more than a few things:

window-tint-film application solution

scraper blade

razor knife

application squeegee

cleaning cloth (make sure it’s lint-free!)

heat gun

These tools can be expensive and difficult to wield, and one error in the application process can force you to start all over again–or even damage your vehicle. This is another reason why we recommend going with professionals who have years of experience in using them.

Prepare Your Vehicle

To start the tinting process, you’ll need to spray the inside of your vehicle with the application solution. This is a delicate process, as you don’t want to get any of this on your car’s upholstery or dashboard. You’ll also want to wear a mask, as inhaling this solution can produce toxic results. Over-spraying can also result in your window tint not being applied properly, resulting in an uneven coating that can actually worsen your visibility and make driving more dangerous.

Next, you need to use the scraper blade to remove any grime, dust, debris, or stains from your window’s interior. Be gentle, as the scraper blade can easily scratch or otherwise damage the glass. Finally, use your squeegee to wipe down any removed debris, dirt, or whatever else you might’ve scraped off. Again, this process is something that we recommend leaving to a professional, as replacing car windows can be an expensive process, making your DIY tint job more expensive in the long run than the investment of hiring a professional.


The application process is quite a lengthy one, so we aren’t going to dive into explaining the process anymore. If anything, we hope that we’ve laid out the point that tinting your vehicle’s windows is a delicate, time-consuming process. One error can result in hundreds of dollars’ worth of damages to both your vehicle and your personal health – if not legal trouble! That’s why we fully recommend consulting with professionals beforehand if you still plan on carrying out the procedure yourself. Depending on the cost of a professional installing a tint job on your car, it’s our expert opinion that doing this job yourself is a better way to lose money than save it. For a professional install, feel free to contact us here at Capital Tint & Customs in Henderson, NV!

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