What I should know about Car Tint


a variety of benefits besides the typical visual appeal. Some of these benefits include reduced health risks and safety as well. There are many aspects that need to be understood before you start tinting your windows. Before we dive into it, it is critical that you have your tinting done by experts with top-notch experience in the field.

Some of the benefits that come with tinting your windows include:

  • UV exposure – the sun emits ultra-violet rays that get into your car; these rays have adverse effects on your skin and could cause medical complications. Tinting your windows aids in blocking a large amount of these UV rays, so you stay protected inside your car.
  • Heat radiation – another major benefit of tinting your windows is blocking the majority of heat that enters your car from the sun. Some cars become uncomfortably hot during the day in warm weather, and it is important to reduce the heat that radiates into the car.
  • Privacy – the shades of tint vary from type to type, but they all offer some type of privacy. Dark tint film offers the highest privacy as people cannot see inside the car and light tint also ensures it is difficult to have a look inside the car as well.
  • Safety – shattered glass during an accident is a major cause of injury and death in many cases. The tint film holds the glass together so that in case an accident happens, the glass shards break into a million pieces but stick together instead of dangerously spreading out.
  • Interior maintenance – prolonged exposure of the interior to sunlight can cause it to fade after some time. As the tint reduces the amount of UV that goes into the car, the reduced UV has little effect on the interior of the car. If the car has no tint, the interior fades fast and needs constant maintenance.

Quality of the Car Tint

There are different types and shades of tint that could suit your vehicle. Different types of tints offer different levels of blocking UV and aesthetic looks. The different shades include light tint, medium tint, or dark tint. You are free to install whatever tint you may like, but there are some law restrictions that you should consider.

The quality of whichever tint you are buying depends on where you are getting it from. If you are getting your tint from a reliable dealer, then you are assured of quality regardless of the price. A quality tint installation should have good aesthetics and should last long. Low-quality tints are cheaper but do not last as long and will need a replacement after a few years.

The quality of the tint is also dependent on how it is installed. Car tint is not something you want to do by yourself. It is recommended that you visit an expert like Capital Tints and Customs to get a sleek, clean, and professional look.


After professionals have installed the car tint for you, it is important to follow some steps to ensure it lasts long. Once the tinting is finished, it is advisable to restrain from opening or to wash the tinted windows for a minimum of three days so that the film dries properly. It is also not advisable to expose the car to any form of moisture as the film may develop bubbles.

Capital Tint and Customs have been installing car tint for many years now and understand the importance of installing quality tints. There are many benefits of installing a good car tint, and tinting experts will help you choose the right type and shade of film for your car.

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