Your Different Options For Car Tinting in Las Vegas

Car tint involves adding a very slight colored hue onto the existing windows of the car. It can make the car more attractive to look at while adding an element of privacy to it – you can see what’s happening outside, but people can’t see inside your car. This level of privacy can really help you to minimize the possibility of a break in for your vehicle because thieves cannot see what’s in the car!

The benefits of car tinting are many, and if you understand these benefits, you can make a much faster decision about whether you want to go ahead and get your car windows tinted. Let’s check out the benefits of getting your screen tinted, and then we can go over the available options for you.

Window Tinting: The Benefits
It’s not just privacy that you need to consider because there are plenty of functional reasons that you should consider getting a car tint Las Vegas. For example, the proper window tint can help the upholstery of your car to last you longer, saving you money over time. The tint itself prevents the harmful UV rays of the sun from wearing your upholstery prematurely. Your car interior deserves protection, and if you are on the road for hours, this is what you get.

The increased window protection is also essential for your car as if you are involved in an accident the tinted windows can help to hold the glass together better, even if it has been shattered. Windows without tint would smash straight away, resulting in injury for you or your passengers.

Lastly, tinting your car is ideal for keeping your car cooler, seeing as it prevents sunlight from pouring through. There’s no hot seats or hot steering wheel to worry about, and there’s no need to worry about windshield shades.

Car Tint Las Vegas Options
So, what are your options? There are four main options that you can consider for your window tinting for your car, and we’ve broken them down for you. At Capital Mobile Tint and Customs, we use Suntek Window Tint for all of our car tints Las Vegas, and that’s why we do it right the first time.

Standard Tint. This offers 99.9% UV protection, heat rejection, glare reduction, privacy, and blocks 99.9% of A and B infrared rays. It’s made of dyed layers of film and offers 40% heat rejection, with a three-year limited warranty.
High Performance. As above, the high-performance tint offers the same benefits as the standard tind, but it comes with a lifetime warranty and has a combination of metals and dyes in the film to block out 54% of the sun.
Carbon Tint. This is made up of a proprietary construction that utilizes unique and innovative carbon technology including carbon, graphite, and ceramics.44% heat rejection is on offer with a non-metalized film which is safe for electronics, GPS signals, and radio signals. IT also comes with a lifetime warranty.
Carbon XP. Lastly, Carbon XP provides 56% heat blocking, is non-metallic and comes with a lifetime warranty and warranty against fading.

Why wait? Get your tinting sorted today – there’s no reason not to!

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