• Starter kill
  • GPS tracking
  • Vehicle protection
  • Receive security alerts
  • Includes multiple safety sensors

Added security is essential whether you park your car in the city or plan on taking a trip to a new area. When it comes to installing a new car alarm in addition to your stock system, there are a variety of options. Your selection isn't a matter of right and wrong — it depends on what works best for your situation.

Passive & Active Alarms

A passive alarm will activate the moment it's installed and remain activated until it's uninstalled entirely. That may seem like the obvious choice. Who wouldn't want an alarm that's always functional? Problems arise, however, when vehicles are handed over to valet services or when an owner's misstep accidentally triggers the alarm. Active car alarms allow the owner to be in full control of when their system is functional.

One-way and Two-way Systems

If you want a remote that simply turns the car alarm on or off at your command, a one-way system is all you need. For more features — including an LCD interface that notifies you of a break-in within a mile radius — you'll want a two-way system.

Additional Features

Modern car alarm systems are built to be multi-functional. On top of keeping your vehicle safe, many enable keyless start-up, temperature controls or additional charging ports for your USB devices. Anti-carjacking features keep you protected after starting the ignition. And ignition-controlled locks keep you from getting trapped outside of your vehicle.
No matter what option you choose, installing a car alarm system that fits your individual needs is the best way to take control of your vehicle's safety.


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