• Wheels enhance the appearance of your ride.
  • Good rim helps friction reduction, improves handling and gas mileage.
  • A quality set of rims will enhance performance and give a smoother ride.
  • We provide steel wheels, alloy wheels, chrome wheels and cast wheels

Every car, from a Ferrari to a Ford Pinto, is powered by the simplest of machines: the wheel. There is no way around it (pun intended)—besides fire, the wheel may be the greatest invention ever made by man. Without rims and tires, cars and trucks are only costly lawn decorations. Rims and tires on different cars fulfill the same purpose; the only distinction is in size, appearance, and construction. To help you gain a better understanding of vehicles, trucks, and how they function, below are some basic components of a car wheel.

The Tire

This is rather straightforward and self-evident. We are all aware of the location and appearance of the tire. The tires are critical to the car's performance and riding quality. The tires ensure a smooth ride because you are practically riding on air. The modern tire is around 70 years old; prior to this, tires were made entirely of solid rubber and provided minimal cushioning. Having the correct type of tire on your vehicle is critical for safety. Tires provide grip on wet, slippery, and snowy roads and enhance handling in severe situations.

The Rim

If the tire is the skin of the wheel assembly, the rim is the skeleton. The tire is wrapped around the rim, which supports it, gives it shape, and allows air to fill it. Rims are generally made of steel or aluminum and are available in an array of forms. They are available with plastic hubcaps or with polished chrome hubcaps. The rim style varies from vehicle to vehicle. Trucks require a beefier rim to withstand additional weight and have a tendency to prioritize utility above form. The diameter and breadth of the rim will determine the kind and size of tire that may be mounted on it.

Knowing more about your vehicle can enable you to care for it more effectively and extend its life. Rims and tires are very important parts of your car. Therefore, you should give them a priority. Capital tint and customs is your best dealer of rims and tires.


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