• Hazing protection
  • Protect against stains
  • Avoid streaks and smears
  • Prevent tiny scratches and scuffs
  • Make it easier to clean bird droppings

It looks good

Shiny brand-new cars are often waxed. It's very easy to wax your car as all you need to do is wash your car, prep and apply. It's recommended that the car be waxed on a regular basis to help keep the car looking "brand new".

Helps with future car washing

Car waxing on a regular basis will help with you wash your car. It means dirt, debris and insects will ‘slide off' your car because nothing is sticking to the paint. If the car never gets waxed or hasn't in a while, you may end up paying more in the future for detailing.

Protects The Paint

This is one of the reason cars get waxed. It protects the paint from dirt, debris, pollutants and more. It will even protect the paint from being scratched, which is even better. Car waxing fills in tiny scratches in the paint when you get it waxed so that your car will look like it's brand new.
If you're interested in getting your car waxed, you can contact us today to help to make your car look like brand new again.


Pricing (Wax)



  • 1 layer light coating
  • Up to 2 steps of polishing
  • Wheel Face Coating
  • Wash & Clay
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Call Now

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