• Enhance your driving experience
  • Bring the club to your vehicle with subwoofers.
  • Custom-designed multi speaker audio systems
  • Car audio systems today can cocoon you in music
  • You spend a lot of money on your vehicle – enjoy it.

Custom Audio systems start with you! We like to know what our customers need before we start offering products. We ask the right questions; like what kind of music do you listen too? How loud do you listen to your music? Do you like your factory radio? These are all important thighs to know so we can point you in the right direction.

(DJ Turn It UP) Speakers- Whether you listen to your music blaring loud or moderate we have the perfect set of speakers for you from FoCal or JL Audio! Both of our quality vendors have different levels of speaker qualities to fit your needs!

(I Can’t Hear You) Amplifiers- We have a large variety of amplifiers in stock to suit your rides audio system needs. We have 1, 3, 4, 5, & 6 channel amplifiers to get the quality sound you're looking for. Our speaker amplifiers can not only amplify your speakers but can also power subwoofers all in one unit!


(Boom BOOM) Subwoofers- We offer a good variety of subwoofers from Kicker, JL Audio, and FoCal. We like to use the term acoustically correct. The best sounding audio system is one that's balanced! From mild to wild we have the right sub for your ride including subwoofers that take up such little space in the car you’ll never even see it in the ride!

(Beam Me Up Scotty)/ Wiring- Kicker, JL Audio, & Metra wiring kits are available. It’s important to have the right wiring size and quality for your ride. This will keep things balanced and sounding good! When we hook up 3, 4, and 5 channel amplifiers we like to use a product called (9 wire.) This is a wire that's consolidated into one central insulated wire loom for a clean and professional installation!

(Quality You Can Hear)- Digital Sound Processors (DSP) & Hi Low Converters- When integrating aftermarket with factory we'll need a way to make the sound quality acoustically correct. The music coming from our factory radio no matter how fancy they may come will never be quality. You can put the best speakers and best amplifiers but without quality sound filtration it will never sound acoustically correct. That's where audio controls (LC2i, LC6i, or LC7i) come in or we have other DSP’s from JL AUDIO & FoCal. These units get the signal from the factory radio, filter the sound, then send the signal to the amplifier for distribution.

You spend a lot of money on your vehicle – and a lot of time driving it — yet although people pay for flashy spoilers and wider wheels and updated interiors, your car's audio system is typically an afterthought.

Given how much time we spend in our cars – about 11 hours each week, according to research commissioned prior to the quarantine — it may be time to reconsider your car audio system. Whether you are delayed in traffic or cranking up a playlist for a road trip, the greatest car audio systems can give a concert-like experience in the safety and comfort of your car cabin. As with a set of high-end audiophile headphones, the greatest car audio systems today can cocoon you in music, whether you're driving or sitting in the backseat.

People usually refer to the sound system as the "emotional engine" of a car, and with reason: a good car audio system should enhance the songs you're listening to, bringing out all the minute elements and arrangements that add to a track's emotional impact.

Custom-designed multi-speaker audio systems are now seamlessly linked with a vehicle's infotainment system. In your car, you may absolutely listen to everything except cassettes and vinyl albums (CD players, however, are beginning to vanish).

And premium audio systems are a typical option in luxury vehicles and SUVs. This alternative might be somewhat costly. And it's generally worthwhile. Because most premium systems have subwoofers and combine outstanding amps with improved speaker build quality, listening to music in your car might be superior to listening at home. In need of car audio system installation? Capital tint and customs is the option for you.

Personalized Audio
When you come in for an audio system here at Capital Tint and Customs, we ask a few questions. We like to know what kind of music you're listening to, how loud you listen to your music, are you an artist that has to have top quality audio? We Ask a few questions so we can direct you to the right products. Of course, as much as we love going overkill on sound systems, we want to make sure that your expectations are not only met but exceeded without breaking the bank on unnecessary equipment! Acoustically correct is always our goal meeting your expectations from mild to wild.
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